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1992: 1993: 1994: "The complete edition"
All 3 Made by Hand in the Original PRS Factory

The Dragon's have gone very soft, the value is going down

The Dragon I is still holding it's own,  but the II and III are plummeting

Ed Roman suggests that investors sell these off ASAP


Dragon Series  1

Dragon's Series 2

Dragon Series 3


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This Quicksilver Winged Serpent costs approximately $14,000.00 less than a PRS's cheapest Model.

It is done entirely by hand, It is available on any guitar you like

PRS has built many Limited Edition Guitars,  In fact they seem to have a new Limited Edition model every time I turn around. The fact is the Dragon series is the king of all the PRS Limited Editions.  The Dragon is the one that started the entire PRS success story.  Personally I like the original 1989 through 1995 Classic series better but they don't seem to have the investment potential of the Dragons. In my opinion those were the most versatile and best playing guitars PRS ever made. (If you liked those you will like Quicksilvers)

The Dragons are in the Smithsonian Institution and they are also in the Museum of Modern Art.  There are only 50 1992 Dragons, 100 1993 Dragons and 100 1994 Dragons.  All hand made before the factory was completely automated.

It is my firm belief that the older PRS Guitars are far superior to the new ones.  It is also my firm belief that the hand made pre 1995 Guitars will be the only ones to really escalate in value.


Added 09/01/2001:
I wrote this article back several years ago in 1999. At that time I felt the Dragon's were a decent investment. Today however PRS has taken a back seat to several other brands.  These brands appeal to the PRS crowd.  This has created a mass Exodus from PRS.  It has pushed the prices down.

PRS's salespeople will try to tell you that the newer models are 1, more precise because of the high technology employed in the construction. They will tell you that the newer guitars are 2, more stable than the older guitars, and they will even try to tell you, 3, The new ones sound better. Poppycock!!!!


These claims may be partly true
But I think these are carefully orchestrated and engineered claims.

1. Precise

Yes the computer controlled routers and robotic machines are more precise than the old hand made way.  I just object to paying hand made prices for computer made products.  I would always prefer hand made to computer made except in a $300.00 to $500.00 price range.  Don't forget that it costs a fraction to computer build a guitar Versus hand making it.

Paul Reed Smith Dragon 1 Inlay

2. Stability

Ok maybe the new ones are more stable. I have never ever had a stability problem with any PRS guitar. If you overbuild something just so you can say it's more stable is OK I guess, But the problem is the new "Supposedly more stable ones" play like tanks in comparison to the old slender neck non heeled models.

Paul Reed Smith Dragon 2 Inlay

3. Sound
As for sounding better I simply don't believe that anyone in their right mind could make a subjective statement like that.  I could easily believe that if someone said it with enough conviction and confidence that a weak minded or inexperienced person would believe it.   Just remember how a guitar sounds is totally subjective.  Think for a minute how ridiculous a statement like "it sounds better" actually is.  In effect what these people are saying is the old ones sounded bad.

Paul Reed Smith Dragon 3 Inlay

NEW Dragon Design

First the Dragon is Designed with colored pencils

After the customer approves the drawing
it becomes a reality

The Only PRS Ever Made In Korina

This is the one and only guitar that PRS ever made from Korina Wood. It was purchased by Tom Ivory in 1999 for $10,000.00  (Paperwork is available it was sold to him by Guitar Hanger in 1999)

I bought it from Tom for $9,000.00 in 2002. This guitar was made for a PRS endorser who insisted on Korina or no endorsee deal. I believe that this is probably the best sounding set neck guitar that PRS has constructed since 1995. This guitar is signed by Paul under the finish (rare) and also signed by Joe Knaggs. This guitar qualifies as a private stock.  The finish and stain treatment done to the top and back are reminiscent of the original PRS guitars. I especially like the rich textured finish of the Korina. I will be offering the same finish on my Quicksilver, Centurion and Viking Models for 2003.

Firm Price $10,000.00

You can order Korina for many many many thousands less on a JET, Jacobs, Pearlcaster, Abstract, Jaros, Gledura, Jackson, Hamer, or Quicksilver Guitar.