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Traveler Checks

Travelers Checks
People Who Use Travelers Checks Are Taking A Risk

Use A Money Belt
or Keep 90% of your cash in your sock

Today there a lot of stupid people out there. My vote for some of  the stupidest ones would be non English  speaking convenience store clerks.

Ok, That alone should speak volumes!!!!

Don't ever get caught in a strange city with only Travelers Checks. When try to buy gasoline,  it won't work too well. Even though your travelers check is good or bad American Express will always pay the merchant. The problem lies with the stupid moronic non English speaking clerks.

Sorry Sir We Don't Take Those!!!

I still accept Travelers Checks at my establishment, After all they are just like cash, Everyone knows that !!! Everyone but those stupid gas station attendants who rarely barely speak English and those convenience store Clerks who have the intelligence of a small soapdish  ( My sincere apologies to small soapdishes everywhere)

OK,  I'll  Tell Ya  A Story.......

I had a customer pay me with American Express Travelers checks  approximately $2,000.00 worth.  I cannot remember what he bought because this happened a few years ago. He signed the top and the bottom of the check but he didn't fill in the name of my store so these checks were exactly like cash.

We were in the process of redoing our store and I needed a couple of nice chairs for the secretary's office and some shelves for the file closet. I walked into Pier 1 Imports and used about $400.00 worth of the checks and left the store.  Several days later I went back to buy some more. I asked the clerk both times if Travelers Checks were OK and both times I was told yes. So I filled out all the checks with Pier 1 Imports in the payee line.  The clerk then takes my payment and asks me to wait while she calls the manager. The manager comes over and tells me that they don't take Travelers Checks. 

I told her that the I used them 3 days earlier, I even had my wife fax over the bill of sale, The lame &^*$% didn't care and she proceeded to cost her company a $1,200.00 sale and chased a customer out forever!

The problem was I had filled out the name Pier 1 Imports so now I couldn't take them anywhere else.

The long and short of it was, American Express would not give me a refund on the checks because I was not the person who originally bought them !!!!   I had received them like cash.

No business establishment would accept them because they were made out to Pier 1 Imports.

I even went to one of our famous Las Vegas check cashing services. I offered them 10 percent if they would simply deposit them and pay me my 90% after the checks had cleared. Which I knew that they would.

I had absolutely no luck,  I carried them around in my wallet for about 3 months, When I opened a new bank account at US Bank I was able to deposit them and eventually I got the value.  But this gave me a real bad taste in my mouth regarding Travelers Checks.

I say avoid any hassles and DO NOT BUY AMERICAN EXPRESS Travelers Checks

1 They hope you lose them and don't bother trying to get a refund, Most people don't anyway !!!!

2 They hope you die with some unused ones, then they never have to make good !!!

3 They don't pay you interest, Yet they loan your money out and collect interest (What A Scam)

Companies that Issue Travelers Checks are no better than Paypal or any of the many other money grubbing corporate mega slime companies that are laying waiting to rip a piece of your flesh off an eat it for dinner. These companies drive the cost of everything you buy up higher because they shrink everyone's profit margins of legitimate companies that are having a hard time surviving in the bitter cold corporate world.

You have the power !!!!  Just say No every time one of these corporate slime balls tries to sell you lifetime warranty or refuse to do business with Pay Pal and don't frequent the large corporate megastores of every kind.

Eat at Joe's diner, stay out of overpriced fast food ripoff joints like McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic,  some of these chain stores aren't as bad as others. Pay attention to what these scumbags are charging.  Read the menu. Drink water instead of Coke it's better for you and it's better for the world.  They make their money on that syrup they call soda and that salted crap they call French fries.  Be Careful !!!!! 


A Letter From Jeffery Earle Terwilliger  (JET Guitars)

Back in the late 80's I did an international trip (Back then you didn't need a passport to travel in the North American quadrant of the globe, just wait until they want to put RF tags under our skins like dogs... but thats another rant).

Anyway I went to my friendly neighborhood bank & bought some Traveler's Checks. It was a small, service oriented local bank in NY State, I don't even remember the name. I returned from my trip to cash the unused checks. Imagine my shock & bafflement when they would not cash them! "Well you can just go to any store to cash them or buy something", the teller said. "But YOUR institution issued them, and I have long standing accounts here. What's the problem?" They could never explain why a third party was required to complete that loop. Complete assininity.