Spam Phone Calls

Spam Phone Calls

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I wish there was a way I could press a button on my phone and utterly decimate those automatic dialing machines.  It didn't bother me at first too much but these morons have taken calling you to a whole new level of aggravation. I am now to the point that I will buy absolutely nothing from these leeches who continually call & call.
If they were selling $100.00 bills for one dollar I would still say no. It's always a scam, and the government should step in and gas these people who continually use this method to rip people off.

These slimy maggots are shoveling spam into the phone lines.  I would love to dismember these slimeballs with a rusty chainsaw and a red hot machete'.

Oh well enough fantasizing

Coming soon
What can we as responsible humans do to make life miserable for these lowlife's

One Thing You Can Do

On the next call you get from some ripoff company trying to sell you a warranty for your car.

Be patient press all the buttons so that an operator comes on.

As soon as the clown asks for your information.   Make a really loud noise, make it as repulsive of a noise as you can.  I mean wail on their ears.

The ones that really annoy me are the scum who try and sell you automobile warranties.  They actually come on and say that they have been notified that my car warranty has expired and I could be smart and re up right away.

I have several cars none of them new, I am in the habit of buying old cars and restoring them. So I ask them which car are you talking about?  they never have the answer they always say something like " I just have a list"

I listen to the pitch and ask them some basic questions all the while pretending to be interested.  I tell them I am at work and I may have to take other calls during their call, They always say no problem!!!  because they think they have a sucker on the line.

Anyway, eventually I tell them I will go for it and get them to fill out the entire application,  meanwhile I put them on hold while I take other calls  usually I can keep them on 20 to 30 minutes or so. Finally the last question they need is the vin number and then I tell them well the car is currently in the garage and I don't have the vin number here.  I am supposed to pick up the car next Wednesday I can give you the number.  When they call back and they always do I tell them I am in the middle of another call I will pick you back up as soon as I can.  I put them on hold as long as possible. If they are still there when I pick up I apologize and tell them the car is still in the shop and I still don't have the vin number.  They never seem to catch on that I am yanking their chain.

These guys must make really large commissions because you would not believe the amount of time several of these guys wasted on me.  One time I actually started feeling sorry for the guy so I just told him I was yanking his chain and that I never buy from cold callers but most of the time these guys are sharks who would knock over an old lady for a piece of candy.

Hey Ed
I just saw that you are going to be putting up a page on spam BS phone calls and I had to tell you what I usually do with them. When they ask for me or my wife I tell them they have to hold on so I can get them. I proceed to put the phone on the table or chair without disconnecting and go about my business, usually eating, feeding the baby or whatever it was they interrupted. I usually wait about 15 minutes and then check to see if they are still there. Sometimes they are and I tell them the person they want is coming. I let the charade go on for about 30 minutes and then I tell them the person they are trying to reach is unavailable. Then I hang up. The return call rate is about 10% which I think is pretty good. When I get a message from one I call them back and tell them to hold on, the person they were trying to reach is on the way to the phone. I get a kick out of it. Hey, if they can bother me I can inconvenience them.

When I get junk mail I sometimes mail other companies junk mail that I shred back to them. Say I get an Amex application, I mail them the junk mail from a hotel or whatnot and then I do the opposite to the other party. They paid for the postage anyway, I might as well keep the post office in business.

Ed, take care and keep on keeping on.

Chris Beeg

Another thing to do is tape those annoying subscription cards to a brick and mail them off. They absolutely have to pay the postage.  It wouldn't be so bad but sometimes there are 6 subscription cards to a magazine. That means I have to bend over 6 times to pick them off the floor each time another one falls out...