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JET Guitars Gallery Page 3

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This is a gallery of some of he JET guitars we have sold. There will be a lot more coming.
 These are all sold but you can order one just like it.

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JET Earlewood
Sold Kevin Kawasaki


#123 Sold to Glenn Peete

#118 Sold Barnes





Earlewood #125 - Purple Heart Fingerboard
Sold to Jeff Pyeatt

Sold to Dan Brown

Earlewood #114 Sold
If you have questions about a JET guitar please don't hesitate to call Ed Roman personally.
Ed has been selling JETS for 10 years and is probably the world's foremost authority on these guitars.
Contact Ed personally at (702) 597-0147 or
click here to email your inquiry.

Earlewood #052

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