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JET Guitars Gallery Page 4

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This is a gallery of some of the JET guitars we have sold. There will be a lot more coming.
 These are all sold but you can order one just like it.

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Earlewood #142 Sold to Rafael Villafane

Earlewood #147 Sold to Joe Ruggieri

Left Handed Earlewood Sold To Joe Galvez

Sold to Dan Connor

Earlewood Flame Koa

Matching Headstock, Ebony Fingerboard, Gold Hardware, Real Wood Binding on neck & Headstock,
Seymour Duncan Black Backs, Korina Back, Quilted Maple Top, Tone Pros Bridge,
Ebony Pickup Surrounds, Korina Cavity Covers, Full Tree Of Life Inlays.

Caldera #111 - SOLD

JET Guitars are among the best guitars in the world
Ed Roman


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