Gibson Les Paul Supreme Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Supreme Guitar

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This Guitar Is Available As A Fabulous Fake

Objective information about the Les Paul Supreme is not available on the web - per my search. The Les Paul Supreme debuted a few days before the Summer NAMM Show of 2003. It was billed as: "The Most Elegant Version Of The Les Paul To Date." It features a chambered mahogany body for resonance and weight relief. It also has a mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard and split block inlays of Mother Of Pearl. It has a nicely done Custom Shop Globe on the headstock. The top and back are flamed maple (the above photo is an exceptional top ... they don't all look that good). The Les Paul Supreme Also is available in a plain top at a lower cost.

The below picture is NOT a Gibson! It was designed as a completely custom guitar by a customer of Ed Roman Guitars. Ironically, the guitar below was also made in 2003 and was posted on Ed Roman's web site in late March or early April ( well before the Summer NAMM show of that year). Do you notice any similarities?

In truth, even if Gibson did BORROW from the above design, The Les Paul Supreme is, at most, a cosmetic mock up of the above Heritage Single Cut. The Heritage has many features that are unavailable on a Gibson for any price. For instance, the Heritage has: A Korina body (for increased resonance and lighter weight) a three piece korina neck, Gaboon Ebony fretboard with split block inlays of Mother of Pearl & Abalone, Grover Imperial Tuners, Buzz Feiten Tuning, Tone Pros System II bridge & tailpiece, Seymour Duncan Black Back pickups, Ultra Grade Flame Maple Top with a matching headstock. And .... try and get a custom color (as above) from Gibson. They might do it if you are a famous guitarist. (In case you are wondering ... The above guitar is NOT FOR SALE! The owner of that guitar would probably sell a kidney before he let go of that guitar!) Unfortunately, Ed not longer carries Heritage due to serious quality control issues (and Heritage's unwillingness to correct the issues). (It's really a shame too. Heritage was a great deal for all involved.)


The Les Paul Supreme comes the huge array of imaginative colors above. (I think they might offer one additional color.) And they come as above; if you want to customize your LP Supreme it must be done aftermarket, in a custom shop ... like the one Ed Roman has!

Or you could cut out the middle man and have Ed Roman build a guitar Similar to the LP Supreme as an RVC or an Abstract (with neck thru body).