Fabulous Fakes

Replicas of Famous Guitars

Why Do We Call Them Fabulous?

Our quality is usually considerably higher than the originals, yet ours are considerably more affordable than the originals! Fabulous! We will build left-handed versions and we offer unlimited custom options! Fabulous! We have over 400 models from which to choose! Fabulous!

We have always dealt heavily in guitars owned by celebrities. We will build you a high quality copy of any one of them. Some are in stock and some are built to order. See the Paul Stanley Models as an example.

Hendrix Monterey Strat
Prices start at  only $2,500.00 
Built Using A Fender Guitar
 As with all Ed Roman Fabulous Fakes this guitar comes in an exhibition model or a players model. You can select whatever guitar you like as a platform. Or you can send us your guitar and we will paint it for you.

We offer this guitar with numerous options !

Call Ed Roman's Custom Shop For Info


Ed Roman's Rockstar Replications Are Guaranteed To Be As Good Or Better As The Original Guitar
Each One Is Hand Made, Customers Can Order It Left Handed Or In A Custom Scale etc etc

Original Jimi Hendrix Style by Ed Roman              Fender's Pamelina Replica
Ed Roman Offers Both Styles  
Dweezil Zappa Owns The Original Hendrix One Which We Would Value At Least 2 Million Dollars !!
A Fender Pamelina Replica Sells For Between $14,000.00 to $18,000.00
Ed Roman Offers Actual Fender Guitars Made Into Replicas of Either Model Starting At $2,500.00
The Most Expensive One We Ever Did Was Still Below $5,000.00
We Believe That Guitar Was Superior To What You Would Get Purchasing A Fender Replica.
Ed Roman Also Offers A Relic'd Burnt One
This Guitar Also Comes In A Pearlcaster

No Photos Will Be Posted Until Official Reissue Date
We Are Taking Orders At This Time and we expect the first run to be sold out by December 2011
If You Purchase One You Must Sign A Non Disclosure Form Before You Receive It That You Will Not Post Photos Anywhere
And That You Will Provide No One With Photos Or Specifications.
When Mosrite Releases This Guitar Officially The Non Disclosure Is Null & Void !!!!

Buzz Feiten Tuning System

Aged Relic'd Version Exactly Like The Original $11.995.00
Mosrite The Guitar That Jimi Used Before Fender
Also Used Entirely On "Spanish Castle Magic"
There Are Scarce Photos Of Jimi With His Mosrite
We Will Pay Handsomely For An Exclusive Photo Of Jimi With Either Of His Mosrites
Call Ed Roman

Dig this Fender Chrome Mustang?

Who Needs Bronze Baby Booties?

Let us Chrome Your Favorite Axe!

We Can, and Will, Chrome Anything. Call Us Today to Cast Your Baby in Chrome!

This guitar was made by Fender in conjunction with Ford Motor Company to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the legendary Ford Mustang. Only 35 were ever made and only 15 were released to the public. The body is mirror -polished chrome with the Ford Mustang hood ornament, an integral part and "Mustang" etched in the body. Inlaid "Ford " style running mustangs made of MOP, Copper, Brass and Silver adorn the fret board running away from the peg head. One volume and two tone knobs are original 1964 Mustang radio controls! Chrome headstock plate as well. Not shown in pictures is an incredible birds eye maple neck.

We Are Also Offering This Using A Telecaster !!!
We Are Also Offering It As A Jupiter Thunderbird
We Will Custom Make It Any Way You Like

Quicksilver Excelero Guitar


Completely unavailable from PRS at any price !!!!

The Famous PRS Explorer Made For Billy Gibbons
This Is Definitely The Nicest PRS Guitar I Have Ever Played !!!!
Notice It Has The Tune O Matic Bridge That PRS Normally Never Uses
So This Guitar  Has The PRS Scale With The Gibson Bridge System (Best Of Both Worlds)
Basically this guitar uses Today's Quicksilver Platform
For maximum flexibility it needs another pickup and a tone circuit

We Are Replicating These Guitars
We Start With A PRS Custom Or Classic & We Make A Body Exactly Like The Photo
The Original Guitar Can Be Bought For $150,000.00
Because Ed Roman's Shop Is One Of The Few Shops That Is Capable of Painting a Fingerboard.
We Are One Of The Few Builders Who Can Truly Replicate This Super Rare PRS 
The Guitar Looks Amazing With Gold Hardware & Gold Frets !!!!

Ed Roman
See The Billy Gibbons Guitars          See The Billy Gibbons Quicksilver Excelero


Affordable Replicas By Ed Roman

George Harrison's "Rocky Guitar"


As with all Ed Roman Fabulous Fakes this guitar comes in an exhibition model or a players model. You can select whatever guitar you like as a platform. Or you can send us your guitar and we will paint it for you.


Ibanez Moderne Replica

Billy With Customized Replica
Notice The Headstock Is Wider, Flatter & Pointier Than A Gibson
The Body Appears Slightly Elongated
Replicas Available  

See The Billy Gibbons Guitars          See The Billy Gibbons Quicksilver Excelero

Abstract Vulcan Buck Dharma 
Replica Of The Original Ballestra Guitar
Custom Made In Ed Roman's Custom Shop

Magnetic Cavity Covers



Abstract Eric Bloom Kronos Guitar

Custom Made In Ed Roman's Custom Shop
This Guitar Sounded Real Good,  Notice The Hamer Sustainer Bridge

There Are Many Good Reasons For Buying A Replica Or Fab Fake Guitar

1 Most Of The Time An Original Is Simply Not Available At Any Price !
2 An Original Is Out Of Your Price Range !!
3 An Original Could Possibly Be Of Low Quality !!!    Just Because It's Original Doesn't Mean It's Any Good
4 An Original Could Have Been A One Of A Kind Design.  
5 An Original May Not Be Available In A Seven (7) String Version. 
6 An Original Has Too Thin A Neck & Cannot Be Played Effectively.  (Rickenbacker For Example)
7 An Original Might Not Be Available In Lefthanded.   (Extremely  Common)
8 An Original May Not Hold Up Under The Rigors Of Professional Usage.   (Rickenbacker For Example)
9 An Original May Not Be Available With A Floyd Rose Tremolo.
10 An Original Might Be Made Using Cheaper Wood Or Lower Cost Components.  (Corporate Guitars)
11 The Company Who Made The Original Is No Longer In Existence.
12 The Original Is So Valuable That You Need A Decoy Or A Usable Guitar To Take On The Road.
13 The Original Is So Incredibly Heavy That You Cannot Stand To Hold It Up For Long.
14 The Original Comes In An Uncomfortable Scale For You.
15 The Neck Shape On The Original Is Uncomfortable To You.
16 The Original Comes In 22 Frets & You Require 24 Or Even 27 Frets.
17 You May Have Had Problems With The Company Who Made The Original & You Don't Want To Spend Your Money With Them Again.  (Very Common)
18 Possibly You Simply Want An Exhibition Guitar To Display In A Shadowbox Or You Have An Establishment Like The Hard Rock Cafe Where You Just Need Display Guitars.  We Have Sold Countless Replicas To "The Hard Rock"
19 Possibly You Are Going To Meet Your All Time Favorite Guitarist, Many People Have Had Them Made As Gifts Or To Get Autographed.
20 There Are Of Course Many More Reasons But This Is A List I Compiled Rather Quickly
Ed Roman  2010


Eddie Van Halen Floyd Rose Diver Down Model
This Guitar Came Several Ways
Call Ed Roman For Information !!
These Guitars Are Available With Cutball Headstock, Or Hockey Stick

The Original Bootsy Bass featuring 5 Pickups

See The Different Bootsy Style Basses Available

Now  Available in 4 string 5 string & 6 string
Call Ed Roman

These Guitars are made using the Original Kramer Necks from the early 80's that were never cut. Ed Roman has acquired several crates of original necks from a former Kramer executive.


Nightswan Necks, Fender Headstock Necks, Pacer Necks, & over 300 original Floyd Rose Tremolos that were on ice in a Georgia warehouse for the past 19 years.

With the advent of this guitar we can now use up all those 2 pickup Pacer Bodies we acquired back when Kramer closed down.

The one in the picture has a Rockinger Tremolo due to the sparse few of these we have (less than 50) we are also offering this guitar in a Floyd Rose Model.

We also can modify the neck to be Floyd shelved instead of the original inferior nut mounting.  (Like in the picture)

Contact Ed Roman These Guitars will be selling for approximately the same as most of the EVH guitars that we carry.

We have been told that this guitar was one of the first guitars Kramer actually ever made for Eddie. We gather it didn't see much use because the Floyd Rose Trem happened very soon after this guitar was commissioned.

Still Another Van Halen Guitar to Add To Your Collection     !!!!!!!



abstract warpig hand made in the usa electric guitarTony Iommi

See Warpig Guitar

The Original Correct Body Shape for The Original John Burch Tony Iommi Guitar built 40 plus years ago

See JD Guitar


Eric Clapton  Fender "Crash" guitars run as low as $1,700.00 to as high as $4,400.00.

Depending totally on what platform this guitar is built it on. This can be built on any Stratocaster, Pearlcaster, or even can be done on your existing Strat.

The Clapton Crashocaster is a relatively hard guitar to match colors & options because there are so many out there. If a customer requires dead on paint colors we require a complete list of all the colors used with samples provided to us by mail.  We cannot computer match from a computer monitor due to inconsistencies from one screen to another.

We can provide you with many options including custom wound pickups, preamps, higher quality components, Floyd Rose bridges etc.

Normally we start out using a Fender Eric Clapton Model that has been slightly used, Normally The 1500 G system is applied to the neck.


We offer much higher quality tuners, bridges, pickups etc.
These guitars are invariably different from each other due to the fact that we are a custom guitar builder.
See Crashocaster Guitars


See Eric Clapton Guitars


Pictured here is the famous Billy Gibbons, Billy Bo, Production model!! We also offer exact duplicates of this original model in Red Black & Green burst (Just Like Billy's). Unlike the Gretsch imported models ours are USA hand made neck through body guitars. These guitars are also available in the popular Billy Gibbons reverse editions.

The one in the picture was signed to Ed from Billy and it's the very first one that Gretsch made. Paperwork and full provenance available.  Signed & custom pinstriped by Billy Gibbons himself.
See The Billy Gibbons Guitars          See The Billy Gibbons Quicksilver Excelero


Made from an Ibanez Destroyer this guitar was made famous by Eddie Van Halen.
We are now offering this kit as a neck thru body Abstract Guitar Model.

See Abstract Shark
The original guitar can be heard on "You Really Got Me," "On Fire," and "Jamie's Cryin'." You can tell when this guitar is used because throughout the song, there aren't any dive-bombs or other tremolo related tricks.

Joe Satriani  Blue Faces guitar, Original Ibanez guitar with alien horror faces.  painted blue purple black & white.

Also available in multicolor. These are hand painted copies of Joe's original famous instrument.
Ed Roman has sold upwards of 500 replica guitars and they are very hard to tell from the real thing.

  Eric Clapton Fool Guitar, Made from an Original Gibson 1961 reissue.

Highest quality. Ed Roman did the very first replicas starting back in 1985.

We rework the frets and make sure the usual Gibson problems are dealt with before you receive the guitar.

More On The Fool Guitar

Van Halen Model Guitar,  A carbon copy of the 1984, 5150, Frankenstrat or any guitar that Eddie ever used on  Tour.

This Guitar Sold In Kit Form Only Due to Restrictions from EVH Guitars.

We have recently distressed a few of the old ones we built a few years back and we are offering that service at this time.

Fender Jagstang, Kurt Cobain Model.


Also Available the Mosrite Gospel Kurt Cobain Model.

Steve Vai Performance Custom Flame Guitar.

Steve Vai had quite a few of these, back before he sold out to Ibanez.
We offer them in all the original colors.
We also offer this In a neck thru or bolt on version.
Call for info.    702.875.4552

Available in a multitude of colors

Randy Rhoads, Polka-dot Harpoon model, ebony fingerboard, bowtie MOP inlays, Floyd Rose trem or standard tremolo.

Also available in the White Pinstriped Sharkfin Model. Please call for more info.



Assortment of Rockstar Replications,  Metallica

Contact Ed Roman if you want a high quality copy of any signature guitar model ever made.

We guarantee our quality to beat or exceed any guitar that you want replicated.


3DV Model 3 dimensional V.  Ebony fretboard, Choice of Floyd Rose or Tone Pros, Also available in 10 string, Your choice of pickups & electronics.  Your choice of colors also.

We guarantee our quality to beat or exceed any guitar that you want replicated.

 More Celebrity Models

Ed Roman's Rockstar Replications Are Guaranteed To Be As Good Or Better As The Original Guitar.
Each One Is Hand Made, Customers Can Order It Left Handed Or In A Custom Scale etc etc.

 Paul Stanley over 30 models

Always in stock, Mirror Ball versions, signed versions, All models all colors.
All Washburn Versions, All Silvertone versions.

Click This Link to see over 35 more available Paul Stanley Style Fab Fakes

Original Elliot Easton Model, from the 80's, We also have Elliott Easton, Mosrites, Gibson's, RVC's & Gretsch's.

We have some of Elliot's personally owned guitars in stock.


Most Steve Vai Models Available,  Give us a call today...


We guarantee our quality to beat or exceed any guitar that you want replicated.

 Johnny Ramone hand signed to Ed back   in 2003,  Only Available in White Except by special order 
Mosrite No longer makes these. Only a couple left.

Call Ed Roman For Information
New & Used & Limited Editions In Stock.

As stage played by Buck Dharma, Eric Bloom & Alan Lanier of Blue Oyster Cult.

We now offer this
in several redesigned body shapes.

We guarantee our quality to beat or exceed any guitar that you want replicated.

Jerry Garcia, Alembic Model available, Custom made models available also.


We guarantee our quality to beat or exceed any guitar that you want replicated.

Our replica's are made to the highest possible standards and we use only top grade woods and components

You can now get the original Guitar like George Lynch played before he sold his soul to ESP, Unlike ESP this guitar is fully American made with a real Floyd Rose Tremolo, You can specify any type of wood or pickup that you desire.


 ESP version is overpriced made in Korea and it only comes one way.


George Lynch Kamikaze


This Guitar Is No Longer Available,

Ed Roman Will Build You A Faithful Reproduction !!!!

 Rickenbacker Lemmy

 There were only 55 of these made.
They Sold Between $17,000.00 & $25,000.00
We Can Convert Your Stock Rickenbacker To An exact Replica Of This
You Will Save 10,000.00 And The Only Difference Will Be You Won't Have A Piece Of Paper

Read The Article Below
Only If You Want Some Truth In Your Diet !
If you are an Ostrich, and you want to keep your head in the sand.
 Avoid Reading This Article !!!
 All you corporate guitar loving brand name mongers don't want to know this type of information !!!

The Nightswan was a signature model for Vivian Campbell, the current guitarist in Def Leppard,  Vivian also played for Dio, Whitesnake, and several other bands in the 80's. Vivian was and still is a great guitarist and a fine person !!  I want everyone to know I'm not picking on him, I could have very easily written this story about one of ESP's endorsers !!!!

The Real Nightswan was not actually a Kramer !!!  Just like The Real Frankenstrat was never really a Kramer either.
Famous Guitarists, Golfers & Football Players or their management, often engage large corporate companies to build their client's signature model. Even though the original had absolutely nothing to do with that company. This type of activity is done to get huge royalties from mass production sales thru normal sales channels like Guitar Center.   (See Ghost builders)
 (The uneducated little kids all love Guitar Center)

The JEM was not an Ibanez,

The Tony Iommi Guitar was not a Gibson,
The Original George Lynch Guitars were never ESP's,
The Slash Les Paul was not a Gibson.
This list is endless.

Most people in this business don't like me exposing these facts to the
general public. Simply because little Johnny Q. Customer wants to buy Eddie's Fender Charvel Frankenstrat that used to be a Kramer that was originally built by Eddie & Lynn Ellsworth. Back when Kramer introduced the Van Halen Guitar as being a Kramer the original advertisement had the name "Kramer" superimposed on an old picture of Eddie holding the guitar. I remember that early 80's ad like it was yesterday, I also remember that upon close inspection part of the Kramer logo hung off the edge of the headstock in thin air !!!

Little Johnny's parents will shell out the bucks, so little Johnny can play what he thinks is the same guitar that his guitar hero plays. I call it fraud and it just might be illegal. 
It amazes me how people fall for the hype that the big companies shove down their throat.

Just because some famous artist or their management decides to prostitute out their designs, or name, by saying they play a certain guitar, does not mean it's true. That looks like fraud to me !!!!!  It confuses the buying public and therefore it is rightfully illegal.  A lie is always still just a lie. When you lie to make money you are committing fraud and that is a crime punishable by time in jail. I'm not a lawyer, but I will be discussing this with my attorney at my next meeting with him.

The Kramer Nightswan  was actually a "Shredder" model from Buddy Blaze Guitars in Fort Worth Texas !!

"What, you never heard of Buddy Blaze?"
Buddy was a small boutique builder like myself. Being a small builder it made sense for Vivian to go to a big company like Kramer and have the Nightswan mass produced. I have no idea how the deal was conjured up,  I was not there. 

I was personally at the release party of the original Nightswan back in the late 80's where I first met Vivian & Buddy. It was a great party with a lot of great refreshments served, in fact we smashed up the company Limo that night on the way home. Several of my younger employees puked in the car that night as I remember we got rid of that Limo pretty quick after that. 
Kramer threw some awesome parties in the 80's,  some of the best ones I ever went to. I made a lot of my first major artist contacts at those Kramer parties, Anyone who was anybody was there.
I first met Eddie at one of their first big parties & Sam Kinison, Billy Idol, Jeff Beck, Yngvie, Richie Sambora, Brad Gillis, Ted Nugent etc etc I actually got to sit down with Eddie and talk about guitars. God Bless Dennis Berardi & Andy Papicio, I can remember meeting Paul Shaffer (Artie Fufkin of Polymer Records) that night also.

Kramer never actually really manufactured their guitars. They outsourced the wooden bodies, necks & components and assembled them in Neptune New Jersey. This made them technically USA made guitars but in reality most of the so called USA guitars were built by Godin in Canada. The Cheapy imported models were made by ESP in Korea & Japan.  ESP also owns a number of real cheaply made mass produced in Chinese made brands.  These are popular in the big chain stores because they cost less than $200.00 to make but they sell in the $800.00 to $1,000.00 range.  Lots of profit for stores like Guitar Center that sell these types of brands.

You may wonder why you never hear about this in any of the guitar magazines !!!!  Simple Answer !!!  The magazines wouldn't dare piss off all their advertisers and print anything that they are trying to keep from the public. Printing these stories like I have been doing for 15 years now makes me a very unpopular person with my competitors and gets me bashed on a lot of the forums by paid company shills who will start a thread with some nonsensical lie to try and discredit me.  (Ralph Nader was a pretty unpopular guy too)

They wish they could sue me but they can't because the truth is and always has been my defense!!


Originally Vivian was playing Rand Guitars  who were a really small high quality company that built guitars for "The Misfits" and a host of other 80's bands. When Vivian saw another instrument Buddy had built he contacted Blaze to co-design the Nightswan.
I'm not sure how Kramer got involved but Buddy told me that Kramer ripped him off for many thousands of dollars in royalty money. Buddy told me he fell on some really hard times because he trusted Kramer to pay him his design royalties and they never gave him a cent.

I bought many thousands of dollars worth of Kramer original parts. I made it my business over the past 10 years to amass a huge amount of Original Kramer guitars and parts. I have bought many necks & bodies from others who attended the Kramer bankruptcy auction. I can easily reproduce the original Vivian Campbell paint jobs. So we are pleased to add the Vivian Campbell guitars to our line of fabulous fakes for 2009.
Ed Roman 2009

Dennis Berardi Pres Kramer Gtrs,
Floyd Rose
Ed Roman,
Hyman Peller
Sales Mgr Kramer 
Photo Taken 1986

Ed Roman Guitars

Rand Guitar Left Side 1995

John Mayer New Crash Graphic for 2010

John is Known For Playing Fabulous Fakes
He Played A Monterey Hendrix & A Crash Clapton
This appears to be his own new signature graphic that he will be seen with soon.
I am told it is also a Crash Model
The Prices On These On a John Mayer Strat Will Be Approximately $3,500.00
Call Ed Roman For Info

The Original J Frog Great White Guitar.  Now Available From Ed Roman

We Are Now In The Process Of Building A New One For Mark Kendall On The Quicksilver Platform.

However we can make an exact copy of the Original J Frog Guitar  you see here in this photo.

In April of 2011 Mark Received His First Quicksilver Which He Is Using On Tour With Great White.

Contact Ed Roman For Information On The Classic Quicksilver With Custom Shark Graphic & The Actual Mike Risinger Designed Shark Carved Body.

See Pictures Of The New Model



Steve Vai's Custom Made BC Rich Doubleneck


Available now as a fabulous fake. All kinds of extra electronics and special pink pickups.


The one in this photo came directly from Steve Vai but if you want a replica just call Ed Roman.

Ed Roman has been building wild guitars for various rockstars for over 25 years. He is one of the last of the boutique builders who makes everything by hand.

Ed Roman refuses to compromise quality and stands behind every guitar ever built.


One of the most famous Steinberger guitars was the one that Vito Bratta used in the 80's & 90's.

There were 2 like it; both of them bore the White Lion Logo and a graphic lion on the face of the guitar. We have done about 5 of these and several of Vito's headstock model Steinberger also.

We are pleased to add it to our list of fabulous fakes. We simply take an original Pre Gibson Steinberger and refinish it with Vito's graphic on the guitar.

These guitars play and sound awesome, they are by far better sounding than the graphite small oar shaped body that Steinberger is known for.

We do take this guitar one extra step, we hard-mount the pickups and of course the customer isn't stuck with the mandatory EMG pickups that the oar shaped model dictates.
We are proud & happy to offer this economically priced, Pre-Gibson, real Newburgh, Steinberger guitar in our line of fabulous fakes.        702.875.4552


We Offer Both Models  The Top One Was Used More !!!!
Vito Bratta


Buck Dharma Famous Cheeseberger
Also Available as a Double Cheeseburger (Doubleneck)
Also available as "The Whopper"  (Quicksilver)

 More Celebrity Models

 Ed Roman has been doing The Paul Stanley Mirrorball jobs for over 23 years!!!!
 The Ed Roman Custom shop also can build a left handed one from the ground up
Ed Roman has 24 fret models, Baritone Models, Headless Models, Reverse Models, 12 String Models.

We do this treatment to many stock Ibanez Guitars.
These two are not Ibanez Guitars we made them up from scratch.
You will notice they are both 24 fret guitars, Ibanez only offers it as a 22 fret guitar.
We cut each piece of mirror by hand, We recess each piece a 16th of an inch into the top.
each piece of mirror is laid in at slightly different angles to reflect the light better.
It's Hard To Photograph A Cracked Mirror
This one was photographed in a dark room with a flash.

 See 35 More Paul Stanley Guitar Models

Skull N' Bones   Original J Frog By Ed Roman
 With Certificate Of Authenticity

At Ed Roman guitars we specialize in making your dream come true, For example, At any given time we are going to have in stock many guitars that were stage played or pre owned by such celebrities as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, John Entwistle, Roger McGuinn, Eddie Van Halen, Leslie West & many others.


Original Real Gene Simmons USA Made BC Rich Punisher Bass
Owned By A Kiss Collector
This Instrument is 6 times nicer than the one Gene had mass produced in the late 90's 

Johnny Ramone
Original Mosrite Authentic Models Still Available
 Mosrite No longer makes these. Only a couple left.
 Call Ed Roman For Current Availablity
Mosrite USA also offers a copy of the limited edition for much less money
The Original Limited Editions Were Imported
Mosrite USA's new lower cost copies are made 100% in the USA !!!
They are exactly alike except they don't come with a certificate.

Travis Bean Fabulous Fakes

Travis Bean Replicas For Sale
All Models All Shapes
We have finally figured out a way to do the Travis Bean necks

We Are Now Offering Exact Replicas Of Travis Bean Guitars & Basses
Contact Ed Roman Directly

All Models All Shapes
Guitars, Basses, & All Models
We will even do a custom body-shape with the TB neck replica

  Jellybean Air Guitar Designed By Billy Gibbons
Replicas Available

See The Billy Gibbons Guitars          See The Billy Gibbons Quicksilver Excelero


PRS Style Explorer Body For Bill Gibbons Back In The 80's
Have Version in stock at this time.

The Great White Mark Kendall, J Frog Guitar

Ed Roman Eddie Ojeda Replica


Jimi Hendrix's hand-painted 1967 Flying V is a near-mythical instrument. Purchased in 1967 and used on tour in Europe during 1967 and 1968, the guitar with its swirling, psychedelic designs highlight the spirit of the times and showcases Jimi's unique artistic expression. The entire instrument emanates a feeling of warmth and love.

Originally painted with nail polish, 

Jimi Hendrix Psychedelic Flying V

*  1 9/16" bone nut  or Choose size
* Mahogany or Maple Neck Through Body
*  22 or 24 fret rosewood or Ebony Fretboard
*  Pearloid dot inlays
*  Choice of neck profile
*  24 3/4" or 25"scale length
*  Double band vintage tulip tuners
*  Solid mahogany body
*  Chrome hardware
*  Late '60s ABR-1 bridge Or Tone Pros
*  Maestro tailpiece Or Tone Pros
*  Seymour Duncan's or 57 Classic Pickups
*  2 volume, 1 tone, 3-way selector switch
*  Custom Case

Normally Ed Roman Uses a stock Gibson V & repaints it.  However there have been many people who want much higher quality than what a corporate guitar provides.  Ed Roman can build this guitar to a much higher specification than any factory off the shelf guitar !!!!



Michael Schenker Replica 

Custom made for Steve Kinder, Steve already has 5 or 6 other Ed Roman custom Guitars.

The replicas that we build are guaranteed to be far better than their original corporate counterparts.  Just try one and see for yourself.


Lindsey Buckingham Model

Available in 30 different combinations.

Ed Roman also has them with Ebony fingerboards.

Ed Roman has original models that use the exact same tailpiece that Lindsey had on his first model one (Call for information)

Abstract Tiberius

Custom Made Neck Thru Tiberius Model From Abstract Guitars
This prototype has not been finished in this shot.


The Super 34" Eliminator


This is a photo of one of those cheap Guitar Hero controllers.
Perhaps you might like a real guitar like this...

Give us the word and we will build it for you, utilizing the finest quality components there are.

The guitar will retain this concept but become a real hand built one of a kind instrument.

There would be some additional perks to the ZZ Top fan that wants to commission the first one.

It will his job to visit with Billy & see if possibly Billy might want one built.  We will arrange the entire meeting at the customers & Billy's convenience.

Please Contact Ed Roman personally if you are the guy with balls enough to commission the first one.   Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed !!!!!

Ed Roman

See The Billy Gibbons Guitars      See The Billy Gibbons Quicksilver Excelero


Rick Derringer Style
Ed Roman designed & built.

Available in 3 different versions.

Available with or without Pickguard.
Choice of electronics'

Leslie West also has one of these in Black.

Buy one now, Don't wait until the cost doubles.

We Are Vey Proud That On Rick Derringer's Latest Album, Rick Decided To Feature Our Ed Roman LSR Custom Hollowbody Headless Guitar.

Rick Currently Has Several Of Our Instruments

This Custom Made Guitar Can Be Ordered Directly From Ed Roman.  Delivery Time 6 Months






Extreme Left To Extreme Right

Paul Stanley Mirrorball,  EVH Headless OU812 (Back), Vinnie Vincent,  EVH Frankenstrat,
Randy Rhoads Polka Dot V, Leslie West Woodstock JR, George Lynch Skull n' Bones,
Prince Symbol, Les Claypool Scroll Bass,  Joe Satriani Blue Faces,
Brian May Quilted Red Special, Prince Cloud, Billy Gibbons Reverse Billy Bo,
Eric Clapton Crashocaster, Howard Leese Triaxe, Bill Wyman, Phantom Bass
EVH Unchained,   Clapton Fool Guitar,    EVH Shark
Unidentifiable in the back  Devastator Bass Misfits,  Bootsy Collins Bootsy Bass

 More Celebrity Models

Paul Stanley Models        Rick Neilson Guitars      Billy Gibbons Guitars