Vampire Tooth Guitar

Abstract Vampire Tooth Guitar

All Abstract Guitars are custom made. You can order any headstock shape, any Inlay, any type of bridge, or fingerboard. You can even order custom shapes.

All Abstract Models are built in the original classic neck through body tradition. They are built only from the finest materials and great attention is paid to details like balance and weight. All pickups are directly mounted into the wood to facilitate a direct coupling & enhance tone & sustain.

These guitars are currently available with almost 60 different headstock designs. You can mix & match body shapes & headstocks.

I have been building these guitars since 1991, I started building them when I acquired several hundred original BC Rich Body Cores  when BC Rich went out of business the first time in the early 90's. I have produced a total of 1000 of these instruments over a period of 15 years. Many of the originals were built up original BC Rich Bodyblanks. More Coming Stay Tuned...

I also have many Abstract Body Cores for sale.  Sometimes I get some cosmetic blems that don't meet our criteria. You can save a lot of money on those models. There are occasions when a customer will order something special and not have the money to pay it off. The savings are really good on those deals.  All bodycores can be modified after the fact to meet any special needs you may have.

 Available in Guitar or Bass
All Models Available Left Handed
All Models Available Baritone, or Piccolo or Doublenecks

Built In Ed Roman's Custom Shop
LSR Vampire Tooth Doubleneck Vee

Cocobolo Top,  Korina Back, Bleached Ebony Fingerboard
Seymour Duncan Pickups, Trans Trem, 12 String Track Tuner,
Gold Frets, Graphite Necks  100% handmade in the USA

All Abstract guitars are available with almost any custom modification you could think of. You can choose the wood you want, We carry 44 different types of wood on the premises. You can choose whatever pickups you like, We carry all the major brand names and many boutique brands like Tom Holmes. You can order most models with any headstock on our list or design something yourself. You can choose the hardware and you can design the electronics.  Most models are available in Basses, Doublenecks, Neck Through Body, Bolt On, Headless like a Steinberger, Baritones, Left Handed or whatever your heart desires. 

Abstract Guitars are only slightly more money than production made guitars from other companies, Abstract Guitars are thousands of dollars less than what other companies choose to call custom shop guitars. We offer the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, Direct Coupling & many other cool features that aren't available on standard Corporate Made Guitars.

All Abstract guitars are built in the USA and carefully & lovingly set up just before we sell them. All Abstract guitars come with a super stable very fast neck & neck heel.   

Ed Roman