Eye Candy 4

Four Pages of Beautiful Guitars

Rainsong Patch Graphic (Black Ice Model)
The Best Guitar Available for the Working Musician, Camper, or Boating Enthusiast
Sounds as good or better than a Martin  Rugged as a Solid Body Electric
We Also Have Composite Acoustic Guitars  Call For Information

Baker Guitar,  this finish available on any Ed Roman Guitar

Baker Guitar Handcrafted Series Starting @ 1,195.00 

Ed Roman Rockingbird Guitar

Abstract Fang Model in a high quality Neck Thru Version


 Original Bird Guitar Masterpiece
Totally Hand Carved Made From Burled Maple
These Are Available Today In Multicolor
This Guitar Was Originally Built Years Before PRS Was In Business
My Good Buddy Steve Helgeson With One Of His Original Creations

Eastman Jazz Guitars

Alan Holdsworth's Doubleneck Custom Headless Guitar 

The Abstract Painkiller Guitar

Photo Of One Of The Showrooms 1995

Worlds Largest Selection Of Original BC Rich Bodyblanks
When They Are Gone It Will Be Too Late
Call For Pricing

  Available From Ed Roman As A Quicksilver Katana
Neck Thru, Or Bolt On

Four Pages of Beautiful Guitars