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PRS Customized Guitar

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PRS Conversion & Upgrade
Building A Much Better Guitar !!!


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I am exceptionally proud of how this guitar turned out !!!!

This is actually the original PRS 10 Top with the original finish
We removed the original neck by heating the glue until it came out easily.
We custom made a Brazilian Rosewood neck that is very thin & easy to play.
This guitar came out awesome.
 This guitar came out sounding at least 40% better than it did originally.
The original neck was glued in, with the addition of the direct coupled bolted in new neck
This guitar came out sounding like one of the best PRS guitars I have ever played.
Another reason it sounded better was we removed the poly finish from the back of the guitar.

This was the perfect guitar to do these modifications to !!!!
When we received  this guitar it sounded poor, it had no sustain and the tone was dead.
By converting this to bolt in we eliminated all the glue that was choking the tone !!

  The neck on this guitar is now very thin and extremely fast !!!
It plays as smooth as warm butter.
This is the perfect guitar for someone who plays & doesn't care about originality !!

Thoughts & Commentary from Ed Roman

Before the customer started this project, I advised him against it, I told him that it would make a lot more sense to simply buy a Quicksilver new rather than try to Quicksilverize his PRS. Well The customer being a stubborn individual was Hell Bent on making his PRS sound better, He had owned it for years and was very unhappy with all the previous modifications. He was in search of the perfect tone. In a way I can't blame him, if he had simply traded his PRS in and bought a Quicksilver he could have saved several thousand dollars. If he had bought a Quicksilver in the first place he could have saved $5,000.00 over the course of several years. Effectively he would have ended up with the same thing.
Even though this guitar turned out to be one of the magical sounding ones there is also the element of luck.
On his we got very lucky. The original mahogany body turned out to be better than 95% of the PRS guitars we have seen and of course removing the finish on the back really helped the sound immensely. We learned a very valuable lesson doing his guitar and from now on all of our customers are going to benefit from what we learned.

I believe that besides converting this guitar to a bolt on the removal of the finish on the back was the actual catalyst that made this guitar sound so good. We are now offering Quicksilver guitars in what we call a 8020 finish.  Simply put you can now buy a Quicksilver with a glossy top and an oil finished back.

This is a very cost effective modification for a PRS, we are already doing these 3070 mods several other PRS guitars and I have done it to my own Quicksilver guitar. The difference is quite noticeable.



Number 186 Fingerboard Brazilian Rosewood
Brand Paul Reed Smith - PRS Frets 24
Model Custom Made Hardware Chrome
Serial # 1 10285 Top 10 Top Flame Maple
Year 1986 Body Mahogany
Neck Construction Bolt-In Case OHSC Included
Condition Very Good Very Presentable  Bridge PRS Tremolo
Color Vintage Sunburst Neck Brazilian Rosewood
  Coil Taps, Pickups PRS & Duncan 3H
  Onboard Preamp Tuners PRS
Extras Solid Brazilian Rosewood Neck And Board Extras 10 Top, Triple Pickups
Notes Super Thin Neck, Extremely Fast
  This Guitar Was Personalized, We removed the initials and new owner will get free personalization

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