Abstract Jupiter Thunderbird Guitar

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I have seen the Jupiter Thunderbird built by over 15 companies at this date. Bo Diddley commissioned the first one to be built using a Gretsch Neck. Therefore many people assumed it was a Gretsch. Gretsch never made one until approx 2004. Billy commissioned them to make a mass produced model. Billy's First One Was A Tom Holmes Made Model That They Co-designed Billy's first one used a Gretsch style big neck so the guitar was much fatter Then Billy ordered 6 more of them in Lime Green, Pinks, Purples & Gold I figure that Billy must have close to 50 different ones at this time.
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The Difference Between an Ed Roman Jupiter Thunderbird & Everyone Else's is
Ed Roman's Is The Only One That The Neck Is Through The Body
Completely Handcarved  No two exactly alike  
Reversed Jupiter Thunderbird from the Ed Roman Custom shop
Abstract Jupiter Thunderbird Reverse Body
Ala Billy Gibbons 
Number 194 Fingerboard Ebony
Brand Abstract Frets 24
Model Reverse Jupiter Thunderbird Binding Neck Yes
Year 2008 Serial # 08 231
Case Optional Tuners Grover Imperial
Neck Construction Neck Thru Body, Solid Maple Wings Mahogany
Condition New Bridge Tune-A-Matic
Color Black With White Pin striping Neck Maple
COA Yes Pickups Filtertrons
SKU 1G519350109_X3788X Inlay MOP Thumbnail
Tailpiece Gretsch Hardware Chrome
Extras Custom Pin Striping Extras No Neck Heel 
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Billy Gibbons