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 Are Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Corporate Shills for products they   really don't use. Does Joe Namath really use "Brut" Aftershave!!! 

What really hurts is when the families of the deceased sell the soul of their dead brother, son or daughter to some corporate Scumsucker.
It's not so bad when the FPE actually used the product when he was alive. Gibson jumped all over Jimi' Hendrix's Flying Vee. Oh, I really love it when some one has an SRV autographed Strat. Hey Dufus that guitar was not even issued until after Stevie was dead. Oh Well,  I guess it's not the worst thing that goes on in this business but it deserves a rant, even if it's a short one.

I guess I am just as guilty, I have always made replicas of many famous guitars for people. I started doing it in the early 80's, I began to get requests for Clapton Replicas & Van Halen Replicas, Axe Bass Replicas etc etc.

I didn't think much of it when I started to do it. If a customer asked for it I was only to happy to oblige. After all I am a custom shop.  My two best selling models are the "Clapton Fool SG" which is done on a 1961 reissue Gibson SG which by the way the quality has been dropping drastically. I am offering this on several better guitars now. The other best selling one is the official Authorized J Frog Skull N Bones that George Lynch made famous in the 80's. This is a very hard guitar to do correctly I have seen some really bad copies come from ESP and from some nudnik on Ebay.

Some I pay royalties and some don't I would gladly pay any reasonable royalty that is deserved. I tried in vain to pay a royalty to the family of Donny Hunt who is famous for painting one of Joe Satriani's guitars. I offered them more money than Ibanez actually paid Donny to paint the guitars in the first place.   Oh Well you can't win them all we only did about 35 of those guitars.

It rankles me when a famous un named British guitarist uses a custom made guitar for years and years and when the time comes to sell his soul he sells it to Gibson because he knows they have the distribution and the mass production capabilities to build the guitar and pay him a large royalty. The 3 British boutique builders that he used for many years deserved to get that after all they took care of his needs for 30 plus years.

Oh Well

I promised this would be a short one

Ed Roman  January 2009