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If you want a Gift Certificate send a check for the amount to us. You will receive a printed certificate by return mail. If you are not quite sure about getting a gift certificate read below.


When you buy someone a gift as personal as a guitar it is advisable to have them with you. Or at least know exactly what model the person wants. A guitar is a very personal thing.

I realize that the surprise part is fun. But who enjoys the surprise more you or the person you are buying for?

Consider This!

Let's say for example you buy your husband a new PRS guitar  (See Xmas Guitars)
Did you know they come in 3 different neck sizes?
Did you know they come with 30 different color options?
Did you know they come with several different inlay patterns?
For example a lady might like the bird inlays, A man might think they were gay looking.  I know I do !!

Lets say for example your boyfriend is very on top of things, he knows exactly what model he wants. He specifies the inlays and neck size etc.

More often than not he may have wanted this guitar for several years. He may have decided on it back in June.  (The last time he looked)

Think about this for a second.

What about new models etc etc.  Most of them are released for the Xmas buying season. He might not be up on them.

But Most Importantly!
  1. Many salesman will take advantage of someone's well meaning wife or mother. They won't give them as good a deal or use the opportunity to dump a piece of dead merchandise.  The big chain stores put those items on special commission rate for the Christmas season.  My mom got ripped off when she bought me my first guitar.

  2. Your husband will probably immediately realize that you got taken. He might be hard pressed to say something to you because it was a gift.  The absolute worst part is the person who actually gets the gift has to suffer in silence, because he simply doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

  3. Prices drop right after Christmas, sometimes drastically.  The gift certificate can go a lot farther on after Christmas prices.

I know,  you don't get to see their smiling faces on Xmas morning, 
I know you wanted to see that look of gleeful surprise.

Just Remember, the present isn't for you !!!! 
The 3 seconds of joy you will get when he opens that guitar case, is lost on him when he is not ultimately happy. 

So don't be selfish... buy him or her a gift certificate.  Let them make up their own mind.

Ed Roman