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This Rant Page Is For My Customers & Readers !!!!
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These rants are not just limited to complaints on Guitar Center & Sam Ash
Although I suspect they will be the most prevalent


I have been reading your rants for quite a while now and I have to say that you have deprogrammed me. Thank you. I just started playing guitar and unfortunately, I didnít find your site until after I bought my first guitar (Fender Toronado GT HH), so I have no one to blame but myself....but, I do have a question....what is everyoneís FIXATION with Les Paul guitars??? Is it Brand Loyalty? Band Sponsorships????? Shilled Magazine Articles???? Gibson paying off everyone???? Please enlighten me....sorry this isn't a YES/NO answer, I got on my own rant.

Tim Surovy
Whitehall PA 18052

From the pictures I have seen, you guys do beautiful work, I am starting to save for a Baker or eventually (if I have enough before I am eventually laid off), a Quicksilver.


Customer Gets Lied To By Commissioned Salesman At Sam Ash

Back in May 2010 I took my friend to try and enlighten him as well as help make a smart decision on buying an LTD EMG active guitar. Thankfully he listened this time and got a decent Ibanez 7-string for less with just as good of tone.

Anyway, on the ďmade in USAĒ wall a Kramer Hot For Teacher replica was calling out above all the others looks-wise.
Iíve done business with this salesman before, John Heney, as he is their ďbestĒ at Huntington New York Sam Ash for several years now and a young one. He told me itís an all original Kramer made with various vintage Kramer parts. I said I can already tell thatís a 1984 re-issue neck by Gibson. He went to the body. Said itís from an 80s Kramer pacer which I argued is subjective without proof. Then he said the Floyd is original, which it was, but not completely because someone painted gold on the fine tuners using a paint marker. The he said the autograph is from the original luthierís private collection who is also a well know builder for Gibson, Dan Edgar. I said I doubt the factory finish would have errors from a pro like that and if it were relicíd it would have been so accordingly with some sort of documented proof.

Well, he said try it out and pursued my friend with his interest in the LTD. It sounded good. The humbucker was the only thing that peaked my interest yet was also ďunknown and original vintageĒ. It may have been a Duncan Custom, doubt is was a Ď78 Special. I e-mailed the store manager, IRV Berner, and said I have a few replicas Iíll give you since youíre now selling unauthorized EVH guitars seeing how youíre best salesman tried to lie to me about something Iím quite familiar with.
I mentioned the parts on your EVH model are subjective, itís copyrighted with no documentation or proof of anything of legit that EVH would approve of with Fender Inc. I said the Made in NJ neck plates are very easy to get on Ebay and neck isnít a genuine Kramer because Kramer never issued a non-tilt USA made banana head with no decals on the head. I offered 300 bucks at most for a devalued guitar of which sells for 700-800 buck new at MusicYo. Nothing became of it, but I was told if I donít like how they do business I donít have to shop there.

Talk about lies and BS from ďauthorizedĒ dealers who sell name brands.
I argued that there are many talented builders who do a much better job of high-quality replicas for that price so why should you be allowed break the rules and they canít? Before I left I said shame on you both and this management who runs this place.
I should have posted this earlier, I just found the pics again.
The serial # reads EVH model UK0228822.
Iíve got some interesting stories for a casual fan who isnít even a regular builder yet


Joe Bonomo


Sent In By Peter Maizitis .. Just One More Unhappy Guitar Center Customer !!!!!
Just another example of why you should never deal with a large corporation !!!!!!!!

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tue, Dec 28, 2010 4:32 pm
Subject: Final Communication

Hello Mr. Maizitis,

I have received confirmation that $113.12 has been refunded to your card from the West LA store. I have also received confirmation that $107.74 has been refunded to your MasterCard for the case ordered from

I believe this resolves any outstanding transactions between you and Guitar Center.

After considering the nature and volume of your complaints, we have come to the decision that Guitar Center, and all its affiliates and ownership entities, no longer wish to do business with you. We believe that we are unable to satisfy you and regret to inform you that Guitar Center wishes to part ways with you at this time. It is the right of Guitar Center to refuse business or service whenever deemed necessary, we choose to enact that right at this time. It is regretful, but clear, that Guitar Center is simply not able to satisfy your needs.

This letter is to inform you that you are no longer welcome as a customer and that you, Peter Maizitis, should refrain from entering, phoning, attempting to purchase merchandise from or having any contact with any Guitar Center or Guitar Center affiliate. Any further telephone calls or correspondence will be disregarded.

Jeremy Cole

Hi Ed .... I thought this email from Guitar Center customer service would be of interest to you since I saw you had a Guitar Center rants page.

What does this mean to me?  If Mr. Cole really has the legal authority ....
- I can't contact any of the Guitar Centers ....
- I can't contact any of their affiliates

What does the last part mean?
- I can't contact Bain Capital who owns them?
- I can't contact Musicians Friend who Guitar Center owns?
- I can't contact John Bonamassa who apparently is an affiliate?
- Twitter's Ampeater, who is an affiliate?

I have been selling CDs through CD Baby and they probably are affiliated someway even through their affiliates so I can't sell through them?

- What about PRS guitars ... they sell them and are affiliated?

Is this even legal?

Disgusting if not illegal ... no?

Pete Maizitis
Dance of the Druids



Guitar Center Strikes Again


In August 2007 a Guitar Center customer paid 25g cash and received 2 Charvel EVH's for free along with EVH pedals and tons of accessories. Another customer decided to finance an EVH Frankie in full after seeing the other transaction take place hoping to get the extra goodies too. Well, the other sales rep didn't give him the freebies the other guy got and was told different salesmen handle transactions differently. It was obvious he wanted to back out of deal as his card was being swiped but was to afraid to speak up. He went through with it anyway and wasted $25g on a $500 D.I.Y kit. Feeling appreciated, the first man returned a month later to purchase another EVH Frankie because they made him feel special. I wasn't there to witness the second transaction, but I was informed he received several thousand more in freebies again. I had a friend who worked the door security in 2007 so I would see her lunch break and play play the guitars while chatting.

I only go in to Guitar Center or a Best Buy when I need to spend hands on time with current technology. A Radio Shack employee tried to sell me $300 cell phone. I know for a fact that just because a product says "touch screen" or "state of the art features" doesn't indicate high quality. I've seen too many people invest in these super pricey phone plans with phones that break within one or two months of ownership. I'm well aware that 90% of our force-fed products are outsourced/slapped together with "high end" features that are made to fail. When a salesman is very confident about his product, I reply by asking why he insists on an extended warranty for $99 since he sounds more convinced then I am. They usually don't know how to answer so they rebut by giving a stupid answer like, "One can never be too sure."

My friend has a $50 Boost mobile phone that's been through hell yet it's still holding up almost three years (much longer then the $200 - $350 phones). If you take away all the flashy features in a cell phone, then so many people would go into withdrawals and not know what to do with themselves. Seriously, if it's not broken, then don't fix it. Guitar building, welding, electronics, bamboo wreath, inking etc. are great hobbies, no? How about teens who put their parent through hell to buy a new pairs of $75 designer jeans every other week? Girls won't date guys unless they are wearing the "in" style clothing or talking on the newest touch screen cell. I can get about three years out of a $20 pair of jeans. I can also get 3 years our of $75 pair of Abercrombie and Fitch.

At 27 years old, I've learned a lot through trial and error, your rants on guitars, and life experiences through dealing with my own mistakes. I'm not blind like 87% of people who go shopping and because of it I've been labeled out of style, cheap date, hard ass, weird, odd, asshole, bitter etc. I consider myself a sharp arrow with a good knack for calling BS before the person handing it out is aware of their intensions. I have my own theory that the people who dislike my ways are the ones who can't get away with being hypocritical and sneaky. I'm not perfect; I'm still a hard working, honest, loyal and passionate person who believes in practicing what is preached. I feel blessed to have open eyes that aren't fouled by the misleading corruption from our politicians and conglomerates destroying this world. It's amazing how many people assume the owner of Nike is a good looking, understanding, whole-hearted, athletic man who stays in shape for his wife. Did you know that more people think the owner of Walmart is a family-oriented, educated and sensible man who loves golf and people?

I love your rants and raves -- the people who can't handle the truth are the ones who can't face reality or wake up. Everyone is forced to buy into corporate, but way too many impulsive people put their trusting faith into conglomerates which is also why they get away with what they do.

Joey "Guitar"

P.S. I'm a bit of a hypocrite since my field requires computers, but my hobbies aren't limited to/don't include obsessive texting, Twitter, Facebook, MTV reality shows or night club drama.




Turdland Guitar
Read this story

Hello Ed

This Gibson Byrdland was well over $5,000.00 and I waited for almost 2 years to get it.   When It finally arrived the pickguard was falling off and the top had cracked directly in the center of the F Hole. The fingerboard had delaminated at the top frets and there was actually rust on the tailpiece. I called the dealer who apologized to me and gave me a number to call at Gibson. It took me a total of 4 hours of phone calls before I was able to reach a human it was an exercise in futility to finally get someone who had the power to give me a return authorization code.

I sent them the guitar because the tard  told me they would replace it with a new guitar.  I waited about 5 months and the same guitar came back to me this time it was worse. They had repaired the crack and it was still visible, some churl had polished the tailpiece and you could still see the area where the rust had been because the plating was a tad corroded. The fingerboard had been sloppily repaired because there were apparent glue stains on the binding by the top frets. This time there was an indentation on the fret board where some bozo had obviously clamped the finger board down while the glue dried.

To make matters worse, much worse there were little red stains that looked like crayon markings on the top of the guitar. These markings appeared to be under the finish.  If you look closely at the picture you will see one of them by the back tone pot. There were about 9 more of them if you look carefully you can see them directly above the tailpiece.  One of the marks measured about 6" long it stretches from above the tailpiece to almost the bottom of the F hole. There are some small blotchy ones down by the input jack extending up to where the tailpiece is joined to the butt of the guitar.

The Flarb who inspected this guitar had to be blind in one eye and couldn't see out of the other.

But wait,  it gets even worse! The binding on the lower F hole came off within 24 hours of getting it back, The intonation sounded like it had been done by a monkey, not just any monkey, I figure it had to be a retarded monkey.

I contacted my dealer who apologized again, He also told me that he had been having similar nightmares with other Gibson guitars. He told me that he was going to drop the line and look for another brand to represent.

Again I called Gibson,  Surprise Surprise I got the same merry go round of moronic voicemail messages.  Al Capone would have been proud of me, if he had heard some of the death threats I left on their telephone voice mail.  Needless to say no one called me back.

The picture you see here is after I had the entire body polished and all the repairs done at a cost to me of over 600 dollars.  This is the same picture I used to put this piece of crap on EBAY, the guitar sold to a dealer in New York for 3300 dollars.  I thank Christ that I will never have to see it again. 

So now I'm in the market for another Jazz guitar, You sold my friend Victor Harris a Triggs R5, I have played it and it's easily twice as nice as "the Turdland "

I am still licking my wounds but as soon as I recover I will be calling you for either a Triggs, or an Eastman guitar.  I sure hope you print this it will give me a little satisfaction.

This episode cost me a 1700 dollar direct loss on the instrument,  600 plus loss on the repair, plus the freight to Gibson was over 150 because like a jerk I shipped it overnight.

Oh yeah. then FeeBay banged me another 55.00 dollars in the ass

I solemnly vow that as long as I live I will NEVER EVER purchase any Gibson product, new or used, not even a set of strings.

I LOVE YOUR RANTS   Keep em' comin'

Ronnie Lewicki
Overland Park, KS

Hey Ronnie

I am sorry to hear your story,  yes I will print it.  In fact,  I am going to start printing many more of these letters good or bad!

This syndrome is growing at an alarming rate, In my opinion large corporations have no place in the art world.  I mean would you buy a painting at a Wal-Mart?  Believe it or not, they actually do sell them!

Regarding your solemn vow not to purchase any Gibson products, Just in case you aren't aware I wanted to list some of them.  I wish I could make that same vow but I can't fight a brainwashed public.

Anyway here are a few of the names of brands that Gibson owns or distributes !!

Epiphone Guitars, Steinberger Guitars, Kramer Guitars, Dobro Resonators, Wurlitzer Jukeboxes, Baldwin Pianos, Maestro Effects, Tobias Guitars, Valley Arts Guitars, Truetone, Music Yo, Yo Gear, Garrison Guitars. Avante Guitars, Shadow Pickups, Oberheim Electronics & I am sure there are more that I don't know about.

Remember Gibson USA did not create or start 90% of these companies, they simply acquired them. They decided to use the name Gibson as their Flagship name. So I urge you not to be afraid of an old Epiphone or Steinberger Guitar. The original real Oberheim synthesizers from the early 80's before midi are awesome.

The Company was actually called Consolidated Music Instruments "CMI" But they acquired Gibson & simply renamed the company.

Again I am sorry to hear your story and I will do my best to make sure that you never have an experience like that with any purchase you make from me.

This I Solemnly Vow !!!

Ed Roman