B Band Acoustic Pickup Systems

B Band Acoustic Pickup Systems

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We Have Carried B Band For More Than 15 Years
We have found this product to be excellently made and have the most natural acoustic sound.


“RIBBED” UST PICKUP The B-Band R series UST (Under Saddle Transducer) is the finest pickup choice for acoustic steel or nylon string guitars. The unique Emfit® film material used exclusively in every B-Band pickup has proven to be unsurpassed in delivering absolute acoustic tone and the individual characteristics of the instrument.

The R series UST pickup has unparalleled sound quality and a very robust ribbed structure for durability. The pickup is physically ultra thin and flexible making for easy installs usually without modifications to the saddle or saddle slot. The ribbed construction also enhances string balance for quicker installations.

B-Band UST pickups are so thin and lightweight they do not interfere with the string’s signals passing through the saddle and bridge retaining the original acoustic sound and voice of the instrument.

The UST construction is a long and consistent structure that ends with a socket-type connector for an easy and quick plug-in fitting to a B-Band preamp, without any

The B-Band AST is made of the same exclusive Emfit film material found in the UST but designed to fit at the bridge plate or soundboard of an instrument. The AST has a very wide frequency response and dynamic range to capture all the tone details of an acoustic instrument. AST has all the advantages of a microphone without the positioning and feedback issues that are usually associated with mics.

The AST is very thin, lightweight and compact. Because of it size and the adhesive on the back, it is easy to navigate to fit anywhere inside an instrument without critical positioning. The construction of the AST is a long consistent structure that ends with a connector for easy plug-in fitting to a B-Band preamp without soldering.

Compatible with all B-Band preamps, the AST can be used as a stand-alone source or in combination with a UST with a B-Band dual source preamp. AST can be used with any acoustic instrument with good access to the surface that it will be mount

With the advent of the 1470 AST, the perception of making acoustic guitars sound more alive has changed. In the past, combining the signal of a B-Band UST and the B-Band Condenser Microphone had been the ultimate in reproducing all the nuances of an acoustic guitar's sound. Some may still prefer the qualities that a great soundhole condenser microphone can produce. For those who do, the B-Band Condenser Microphone is the perfect match for the UST or AST.

The special requirements of acoustic instruments prompted us to design the microphone with a bass roll-off built into it. The mic holder clamp and gooseneck provided allow easy installation and adjustment of mic position. The B-Band transducers and B-Band Condenser Microphone are accessed separately via a standard 6.3 mm / 1/4" TRS stereo cable with our A2 (guitar).

The B-Band Condenser Microphone can be used with the A2 preamp at the second channel instead of the AST. The AG-MIC only works with the model A2 preamp (not A2.2). New model A2 coming 2009.