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Floyd Rose Titanium Tremolo

Only $899.00 


Original German Floyd Rose $179.00  Chrome
If You Find It Cheaper
Call We Will Beat Any Price !!!!!!
Effective June 01 2010
Guaranteed Best Price

  If You Find One Cheaper 
We Will Beat The Difference By 10%

This Price Guarantee Is Valid Before Purchase
We Must Be Able To Validate A Lower Price !!!

When Ordering A Floyd Rose Always Specify

1,  Black, Chrome or Gold:
2,  Original,  Low Pro  or Speedloader
3,  6 String or 7 String
4,  Right Handed or Left Handed
5,  Nut Sizes



  Original German  Floyd Rose Tremolo Prices Righty  
Part #  

Model Of Bridge



FRT- 100 Floyd Rose Orig  German Made Chrome  $179.00
FRT- 200 Floyd Rose Orig  German Made Black $187.00
FRT- 300 Floyd Rose Orig  German Made Gold $216.00
FRT-S 100   Floyd Rose Orig 7 String German Chrome $227.00
FRT-S 200   Floyd Rose Orig 7 String German Black $239.00
FRT-S 300   Floyd Rose Orig 7 String German Gold $249.00
FRT-P 100   Floyd Rose Lo Pro German Made Chrome $249.00
FRT-P 200   Floyd Rose Lo Pro German Made Black $268.00
FRT-P 300   Floyd Rose Lo Pro German Made Gold $282.00
FRT-SL- 100   Floyd Rose Speedloader German Chrome $279.00
FRT-SL- 200   Floyd Rose Speedloader German Black $299.00
FRT-SL- 300   Floyd Rose Speedloader German Gold $319.00
  Only On Guitars* Only On Guitars*    
FRT- 1000 Only On Guitars* Floyd Rose Original  Korean Chrome Righty
FRT- 2000 Only On Guitars* Floyd Rose Original  Korean Black Righty
FRT- 3000 Only On Guitars* Floyd Rose Original  Korean Gold Righty
FRT Spec C Only On Guitars* Floyd Rose Original  Chinese Chrome Only Righty
*Only On Guitars  Means that Floyd Rose prohibits any distributor from selling these units unless they are mounted on a guitar that we build in our shop.  They are considerably less money but they are still better than any Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo we have seen.
FRT   d-tuna Chrome Ambi
FRT   d-tuna Black Ambi
FRT   d-tuna Gold Ambi



A   Saddle Block E String E String    
B   Saddle Block A String B String    
C   Saddle Block G String D String     
D   Knife Edge Pivot Bolt Allen Head    
E   Brass Bushing Body Insert    
F   Knife Edge Pivot Bolt Screw Head    
G   Tremolo Bar    
H   Tremolo Bar Insert    
I   Bushing    
J   Allen Screw For Tremolo Bar Insert    
K   Fine Tuning Screw    
L   String Locking Screw    
M   Saddle Allen Bolt    
N   Locking Block Hardened Steel    
O   Tremolo Block Short    
P   Tremolo Block Medium    
Q   Tremolo Block High    
R   Tremolo Block Mounting Screw    
S   Spacer    
T   Spring Plate    
U   Spring Retainer    
V   Spring Retainer Screws    
W   Set Of 3 Springs    
X   Main Base Plate    
FRT-R1C $28.00 Shelf Nut   Chrome Righty
FRT-R2C $28.00 Shelf Nut Chrome Righty
FRT-R3C $28.00 Shelf Nut Chrome Righty
FRT-R4C $28.00 Shelf Nut Chrome Righty
FRT-R5C $28.00 Shelf Nut Chrome Righty
FRT-R1B $32.00 Shelf Nut Black Righty
FRT-R2B $32.00 Shelf Nut Black Righty
FRT-R3B $32.00 Shelf Nut Black Righty
FRT-R4B $32.00 Shelf Nut Black Righty
FRT-R5B $32.00 Shelf Nut Black Righty
FRT-R1G $35.00 Shelf Nut Gold Righty
FRT-R2G $35.00 Shelf Nut Gold Righty
FRT-R3G $35.00 Shelf Nut Gold Righty
FRT-R4G $35.00 Shelf Nut Gold Righty
FRT-R5G $35.00 Shelf Nut Gold Righty
FRT $45.00 Shelf Nut 7 String   Righty
FRT $45.00 Shelf Nut 7 String   Righty
FRT $45.00 Shelf Nut 7 String   Righty
FRT-TBC $ Tremolo Bar Chrome Righty
FRT-TBB $ Tremolo Bar Black Righty
FRT-TBG $ Tremolo Bar Gold Righty
FRT-TBCL $ Tremolo Bar Lefthanded Chrome Lefty
FRT-TBBL $ Tremolo Bar Lefthanded Gold Lefty
FRT-TBGL $ Tremolo Bar Lefthanded Black Lefty
FRT- $ Original Saddle  Chrome Ambi
FRT- $ Original Saddle  Black Ambi
FRT- $ Original Saddle  Gold Ambi
FRT Fine Tuner Knob
FRT $ EVH Brass Tremolo Block Brass Ambi
FRT $ 5.00 3 Pc Wrench Set    


FRT-100 $239.00 Floyd Rose Original  Chrome  Lefty
FRT-200 $259.00 Floyd Rose Original Black Lefty
FRT-300 $289.00 Floyd Rose Original  Gold Lefty
FRT-TBCL $ Tremolo Bar Left Handed Chrome Lefty
FRT-TBBL $ Tremolo Bar Left Handed Black Lefty
FRT-TBGL $ Tremolo Bar Left Handed Gold Lefty

Specify Locking Nut Size   (See Below)


 Abstract Speedloader Star Built For Paul Crook

No Tax Anywhere (Except Nevada).

 This table is designed to help you select the correct nut size.
 For Left Handed - substitute "L" in the part number for "R."

Part #

Size at Nut


FRT  R1 1" 9/16ths Rare Size
FRT R2 1" 5/8ths Most Common
FRT R3 1" 11/16ths Van Halen neck size
FRT R4 1" 11/16ths  Narrow String Spacing
FRT R5 1" 3/4ths Rare Size


Eddie Van Halen d-tuna


Eddie Van Halen d-tuna

For Locking Tremolo Systems: The d-tuna is an easy to install, terrific tool for playing in Drop D. Designed for double-locking tremolo's such as the Floyd Rose, the d-tuna enables players to drop from E to D and back in an instant.

Each d-tuna Kit Contains:

  • (1) d-tuna
  • (1) Allen Wrench
  • (1) Spring
  • (2) Long Replacement String Locking Screws

Available in chrome.