Ed Roman's Photo Album

Photos of Rock Stars & Other Luminaries

Steel Panther 2010
These Guys Play In Vegas almost every week. 
Make sure you check them out !!!!


Dave Ellefson The Co Founder Megadeth & Myself
Dave Ellefson has been a good customer for 33 plus years.
 I sold him his first ever Bass an Original BC Rich back in 1977 when he was about 12
I also sold him his first PA System when he was about 14
Dave lived in Minnesota & I was located in Connecticut.
 Back in the 70's very few stores carried any pro equipment at all !!!!
So it was normal to shop mail order for quality items !!!!


The Misfits, Guitars, Hard To Find Pictures

Ed Roman & Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (The Misfits)  2006
With  2 of Doyle's Annihilator Guitars The original & the new slimline on the left !!!


Willie Nelson  A True Original
Here's Willie with a custom made headless guitar with soap-bar pickups.

That's the first soap-bar model out there.
"I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again"

Willie used to come into my store in Danbury CT. back in the 70's
At the time we had no idea who he was.

His Manager's office was on the same block our store was and he would come in quite often.  We thought he was just a cool old stumblebum until he took out his wallet one day !!!  

Never judge a book by it's cover !!!!



  Randy Jackson & Ed Roman
Randy is sitting on Ed's Bike

The Reason We All Play & Love Guitars
If you think that you are too cool to be influenced by the pop band "The Beatles" ??
If you think you were influenced by someone else !!
Think about this !!
Whoever that someone else is, they were most likely influenced by The Beatles !!!!!
 The Beatles Were Influenced By, Buddy Holly & The Crickets, Chuck Berry, Chet Atkins
American Black Folk Music "Race Records"

Yeah  Yeah  Yeah      Yeahhhhhhh


Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitar (Custom Paint By Jeff Wilkie)


Sebastian Bach & Meatloaf,
(Meatloaf With Ed Roman Pearlcaster)


The Boss Blues 1965
Sal Salgado, Mark Payuk RIP, Pete Bennett,  Austin Grasmere RIP  Vinnie Howley


The Tommy V. Show

Tommy V.  RIP

Ray DeTone & Mark Hitt
Both Quicksilver Players For 12 Years
2 Wild & Ca-rayzzzie guys with 2 wild & Ca-rayzzzie guitars


Ratrace Choir From White Plains New York
 Dave Chmela, Steve Luongo, Larry McGowan, Mark Hitt
40 years of great Rock N Roll
 Probably The Greatest Band I Ever Saw 500 Times

The fifth member of Ratrace Choir  "Alan Ade"
The Best Ear In The Business & Worlds Greatest Technician
So Sayeth Ed Roman

Mark Hitt & His Quicksilver Guitar


The Enigma Himself With His Ed Roman Pagan Guitar


Ed Roman Bolt On No Heel Design Using Machine Screws & Inserts
Standard On Quicksilver, Pearlcaster, Scorpion, & All Bolt On Or Bolt In Necks

The Ravens
Another One Of The Local Connecticut Rock Bands That Shaped My Life Towards Music
John Anthony, Bruce Boege, Jeff Annunziata,  Rich O'Connor
The first time I saw the Raven's they were performing Sgt Peppers .
I remember being blown away because the harmonies were dead on
They actually sounded like the Beatles.
Pretty Amazing in 1968

Sin City Sinners 2010

Las Vegas's Best 80's High Quality Classic Rock Band

Revenge Of The Three Nerds


Kerry Livgren "Kansas"
With His Ed Roman Pearlcaster

Vito Bratta  & Ed Roman Approx 1989

Brian Wilson Genius Many Times Over

Recently Brian was in town at the Cannery, he needed a 12 string at the last minute.
So I loaned him a Rickenbacker Carl Wilson Model

Lita Ford Posing With A Machinegun

Ted Nugent & Ed Roman
Guitarists Gone Wild

Hunting Bear In My Office With My Blood Brother

Ted Nugent For President!!!
  2 M-16's in every garage and an UZI in the oven
 "There's Conservative Radical & Then There's Conservative Retarded"
A Quote From Uncle Ted !!!
Check Out The Authenticated Woodstock Poster In The Background
 (only $399.00 framed)     I'm always selling something !!!!!
Peace, Love, Dove...... You Dirty Hippies

Protect our right to bear arms !!   Protect the second amendment !!!
It protects our constitution and the rest of the amendments.
No One Can Or Will Ever Conquer Or Invade Us From Without Or Within.
We have much more to fear from within than without


  Al Kooper & Ed Roman 2000
Ed's A Huge Al Kooper Fan

Al Kooper Founded the Blues Project, Supersession & Blood Sweat & Tears.
He was the original singer/keyboardist.  His voice was bluesy & soulful.
Then David Clayton Thomas turned it into an elevator music wedding band.
Al Kooper wrote many hits including  "This Diamond Ring"

Sebastian Bach, Scott Ian & Evan Seinfeld

Photo Op

Just look at all those beautiful Quicksilver guitars in the background


Ed Roman & Jimi Bell

The Fabulous One & Only Guitar Prodigy Jimi Bell
Jimi used to work in my guitar department for years.
Van Halen Once Opened For Him in 1984



Erik Braun With Mosrite Guitar

 Iron Butterfly

Buck Dharma  Blue Oyster Cult 1977
Ed Roman's First Ever Celebrity Customer


Jeff Watson From Night Ranger

Randy Jackson

Melissa Playing Starcastle

Larry Corrow
Whitewood Band
Playing The Very First Ever Ed Roman Dragonslayer Bass

J FROG Handmade Guitars
Worlds Best 80's Rock Guitar
The Choice Of Discriminating 80's Hairbands Everywhere

Mark Kendall With Ed Roman Quicksilver