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Corvette Standard ModelsCorvette Standard
The body of the Corvette Standard consists of two or three pieces of bubinga. With its shape, ergonomics and sound the Corvette Standard satisfies the aspirations of the most demanding of bass players.

The switchable, active MEC 2-way electronics combine with the MEC pickup combination and three controls to provide flexible tone control, whether in the studio or on stage. The highly sensitive dynamic response of the Corvette Standard lets you articulate the most gentle of nuances or slap it for crisp, fat basslines. Additionally, a 4 string passive configuration is available with single coil J/J pickups.

Corvette “Hot Rod” Ltd. 2005
Just like people look forward every year to the Daytona 500 or the Indianapolis 500, bassists all over the world anxiously await the introduction of each year’s limited edition bass from Warwick. This year, Warwick’s newest collector’s piece is the Corvette “Hot Rod” Ltd. 2005, and it is a beauty!

To create this masterpiece, Warwick started with the popular Corvette body style and then started piling on the custom options. The body is made from premium swamp ash and topped off with an AAAA flamed maple top. Between the swamp ash and the flamed maple is a multi-layer veneer of Ekanga, which gives the bass a sleek racing stripe that runs around the entire body. The neck is made out of flamed maple and the maple fingerboard features custom planet inlays. For a special touch, Warwick decided to forego their trademark black headstock for a custom flamed maple headstock, making the entire bass a symphony of beautiful blonde woods. To top off the cosmetics of this instrument, Warwick added black hardware and a natural satin finish – and the satin finish means you do not need to wax this bass!

The motor underneath the hood of the Hot Rod is something to be admired…if not worshipped. The 4-string model comes with active MEC P-style pickups that are powered by an MEC 3-band active preamp. The 5-string version comes with active MEC soapbar pickups and a 3-band MEC active preamp. The combination of the tone woods and the top-of-the-line electronics creates a powerful sound machine that is capable of performing in all genres of music.

The Hot Rod looks great, but an added surprise comes when you pick it up – it is light! Warwick designed the body with a hollow tone chamber inside resulting in warmer lows and a much lighter bass weight. If you have admired Warwick basses in the past, but thought they were a bit too heavy to play for a long time, then this is the bass for you!

Whether you are drag racing through the bridge of a metal song or cruising through the tight corners of a funk chorus, the Hot Rod is the coolest ride you could ever dream of driving. If you are interested in test driving this ride, tell your local Warwick dealer to call you when the Hot Road arrives in the showroom!

The FNA Jazzman 2002 LTDCorvette FNA LTD. 2004
Upholding their tradition of marking each year with a special bass, Warwick has introduced the Corvette FNA LTD 2004. This stunning instrument features a swamp ash body with an exotic koa top, offset with a thin layer of ekanga wood in between. Unlike most other Warwick basses with natural wood finishes, this bass comes with a clear satin finish that further enhances the beauty of the koa top. Because of this coating, you will not need to wax this bass. The neck is made of ovangkol and features ebony fingerboard with bell brass frets. To finish off the fingerboard with a custom flair, Warwick used shimmering mother-of-pearl “fisheye” inlays, and also inlayed the Warwick “W” on the 12th and 24th frets. It is a beautifully designed bass that has a huge “Wow Factor”.

The visual effect of this bass is amazing, but it is the aural effect that will blow your mind! The natural tones of these great woods combine to create a bass that has a fat, highly defined low end, with smooth mids and brilliant highs. When it came to the electronics, Warwick pulled out all of the stops! The Corvette FNA LTD 2004 comes with the same active MEC Gold pickups and MEC 3-band preamp as the Infinity LTD 2000. The pickups are amazingly flexible and studio-quiet, and although the photos here show a mini toggle switch coil tap, the actual production models come with a push/pull treble knob that controls the coil tap on the Twin J bridge pickup, allowing you to radically change the character of your bass’ amplified tone, without adding another control on the face of the bass.

The sound of this bass is what you have been dreaming about.

The Corvette FNA LTD 2004 is in stock and ready to ship. Ask your local Warwick dealer to call you when he gets it in. You will want to be the first person in your city to play this spectacular bass!

Katana Bolt-on
The Katana Bolt-on bass is very similar to it's neck-thru big sister, but has a unique identity all to itself. The body is made of solid swamp ash and can come with either a natural wood finish or with one of Warwick's standard colored oil stains. The bolt-on neck is ovangkol and features a wenge fingerboard. Made in either 4 or 5-string models, the Katana Bolt-on has two active MEC Gold J-pickups and a 2-band active MEC preamp. Topped off with chrome hardware, the Katana Bolt-on is a visually distinctive bass that is sonically very powerful.

As is common with most swamp ash basses, the Katana Bolt-on has incredibly warm low-end tones and very bright highs. The bolt-on construction naturally enhances the mid tones, which many players claim helps cut through the mix. All in all, this is a bass that you need to see and hear to believe. Be sure to check one out soon!

Streamer Jazzman ImagesStreamer Jazzman
The Streamer "Jazzman" combines the Streamer bolt-on design with our extremely popular "Jazzman" pick-up configuration. Just like all our other "Jazzman" basses, the Streamer "Jazzman" has a large-pole, humbucking pick-up in the bridge position and a J-style pick-up in the neck position. The body is made of swamp ash back with a 1 inch flamed-maple cap on top, which gives the bass a very warm sound.

The Streamer "Jazzman" is armed with the new MEC BEC III-2 3-way active preamp, a perfect pairing for the pickup configuration. If you are looking for a bass that can give you a wide variety of tones in a very attractive package, then the Streamer "Jazzman" is for you.

Dolphin SN ImageDolphin SN (Set-neck)
For several years the Dolphin Pro I bass has been one of the most distinctive and recognizable instruments available. Now, for the first time ever, the Dolphin body style is available in a set-neck version, which gives it both a unique character and a lower retail price. But the new Dolphin SN (Set-Neck) is not just a cheaper version of the neck-thru model.

To achieve its tonal characteristic afzelia is used for the body wood, the same wood used for the Streamer Stage II bass. Well known for its ability to provide very tight and clear lows along with strong and singing highs. The resonance of this wood further enhanced by the Tone Chambers System inserted into the body bringing out the afzalea's character while making the bass lighter and more comfortable to play. The traditional ovangkol neck with a wenge fingerboard were designed to fit perfectly into a glued-in socket. The ending result is an extremely strong neck joint that does not significantly inhibit the resonance of the bass. It's the ultimate blending of neck-thru and bolt-on neck designs… truly the best of both worlds.

The Dolphin SN features the same system that its big brother, the Dolphin Pro I uses. Featuring an active MEC Twin-J pickup in the bridge position and an active MEC J pickup in the neck position, with a 2-band active MEC preamp onboard, the Dolphin SN has a vast range of clean, tone-shaping ability, making it the ideal bass for players who find themselves needing to cover a myriad of genres and styles.

Infinity SN ImageInfinity SN (Set-neck)
When the Infinity LTD 2000 launched, it received rave reviews from all over the world, quickly becoming one of the most popular neck-thru basses Warwick has ever produced. Now the result of overwhelming requests for a bolt-on version of the Infinity, The Infinity SN is the newest set-neck model, and this bass just flat-out rocks!

Made with a contoured zebrano body with a glued-in ovangkol neck and wenge fingerboard, the Infinity SN features the new Tone Chamber System, which improves the natural tone of the bass by carving specially-designed channels inside the body. This innovative new concept not only makes the bass more resonant, but it also reduces the weight of the bass so it is more comfortable to play.

Just like the Dolphin SN, the Infinity SN comes loaded with an active MEC Twin-J pickup in the bridge position and an active MEC J pickup in the neck position. For the onboard electronics, it utilizes an active MEC 2-band preamp, the same pickup and preamp combination that is found on the Dolphin neck-thru basses, which for many years has been one of the most popular set-ups in the entire Warwick line.

The FNA Jazzman 2002 LTDTriumph Upright
Get ready to be blown away! The new Warwick Triumph electric upright bass is here and it is a beauty. Available in 4 and 5-string versions, the Triumph is a modern take on the original Framus design, which was originally manufactured in the early 50’s. The body is comprised of a maple back with a spruce top, and the neck is made of handpicked maple, with an ebony fingerboard. Onboard you will find a custom MEC alnico magnetic pickup and a set of specially designed piezo bridge pickups, which can be blended and controlled with a unique passive mixing system. You can choose between a natural finish, or even opt for one of the classic Warwick colored oil stains. Lastly, all Triumphs come with chrome hardware.

The playability of the Triumph really surprised and pleased players at the Winter NAMM show. Arco players raved over the contoured fingerboard profile, and pizzicato players loved the low action and the fully-adjustable body rest, which allowed them to really “dig in”. The tone range is wide and comprehensive, covering everything from the most woody of tones to the nearly synthetic tone that New Age bassists seem to love. Best of all, the Triumph is easy to dial in.

Available in April of 2004, the Triumphs will come with a unique stand and a premium bow bag. Production will be limited so put in your deposit now and prepare to be blown away yourself!

Thumb Bass ImagesThumb Bass
The Thumb Bass is a favorite with the world's most successful and innovative bass players, both for its technology and for its tone. Its elegant and epoch-making design, ergonomically adapted to the human body, has spawned a host of imitators. The Thumb Bass is crafted from selected bubinga pommelé, ovangkol, and ebony hard woods. These attractive, exotic woods, combined with Warwick's unique construction techniques, maximize the instrument's stability and maintain remarkable overall compactness.
The Thumb Bass packs a tremendous punch even on the lowest of bass notes, which remain powerful, dry and clear, combined with brilliant highs that never become obtrusive. Powerful and effective on-board equalization permits infinite variations of timbre and the perfect arrangement of the pickups ensures that your sound is always clear and balanced.

The Stryker
With the full support of the John Entwistle estate, Warwick is proud to introduce the Stryker, which is a design that John made popular both with the Who and on his solo projects. The Stryker features a hollow mahogany body with either a quilted maple or ziricote top. This neck-thru bass comes with a laminated maple neck, ebony fingerboard and custom “Spirit” inlays. This bass is truly a beautiful piece of art.

Art that rocks, that is! The Stryker comes loaded with active MEC Gold P-style pick-ups, installed in the familiar “mirror image” manner that John favored. Inside the control cavity you will find an active MEC 3-band preamp that perfectly supports the blend of spectacular tone woods that this bass features. The Stryker is the total package when it comes to a bass that plays as great as it looks.

The Stryker is only available in a 4-string version and should be hitting music stores later this year. If you want to punch out killer bass lines, you need to have a Stryker!

Infinity ModelsInfinity LTD 2000
The innovative, hollow body, F-holes and pickup configuration are just a few of the characteristics that put the Infinity LTD 2000 at the top of the Warwick line. An ovangkol body is capped with a 3/8" birdseye or AAA flamed maple top and its unique, lower horn cutaway allows complete access to the second octave.

The hollow design gives great attack, similar to an acoustic bass, without loss of sustain. It is equipped with a large-pole, MEC humbucking pickup in the bridge position, an extra jazz pickup at the neck and an MEC BEC III-2 3 way active circuit. This unique bass has fantastic growling mids, which always cut through in a band setting. The Infinity LTD 2000 is a true work of art and is extremely sensitive to all nuances of your playing style.

The Warwick Vampyre LTD BassVampyre LTD
Can you feel that ominous "tone" in the air? The Vampyre LTD has risen. The sculpted contours of the fiendish body are sure to captivate anyone who looks upon it. An ash body is capped with a striking, 1" quilted maple top complete with a neck-through design and wide cutaways. The flamed maple neck is joined to an ebony fingerboard adorned with intricate "f" clef inlays of paua abalone. The longer horn (with rear-mounted strap button) helps it to achieve a surprisingly perfect balance while remaining menacingly stylish.

Alluring and seductive looks are not the only attribute the Vampyre LTD possesses; its vast tonal range sounds even more enticing. Equipped with both an active bridge MEC Twin Jazz pickup, a single active MEC Jazz neck pickup, and 3-band, active MEC electronics, it faithfully serves its master to produce a nearly infinite possibility of tones. It delivers deep, throaty lows, to edgy mids, and even clear, biting highs. Truly the Sound of Wood with an edge, the Vampyre LTD awaits your command!

4 and 5 string versions are available in a natural finish or in all colors.

The Corvette '$$'
(Double Buck)

If the entire line of Warwick basses is like a family at a party, then the Corvette $$ is the newest in-law who ate all the food, drank all the booze and is now in the coat closet with not one, but two of the wait staff! You know the type - a complete and utter beast who only listens to the one person in the family who can control it. Yeah...the Double $$ is that wild.

Even though it cosmetically resembles other Corvette models, the Double $$ gets its outrageous attitude and powerful identity from its unique pickup and electronics package. There are two passive MEC humbuckers nestled closely in the center of the body, completely covering the legendary sweet-spot that so many basses miss completely. But this beast has a sensitive side too, which can be accessed via the two mini 3-way switches that allow you to coil tap each humbucker in a variety if ways (hum canceling parallel/series, single coil). To give the Double $$ more flexibility, the passive pickups are matched to a MEC 2-band preamp, making this behemoth a true passive/active hybrid bass – the best of both worlds.

If you look beyond the wild electronics you will see that the Double $$ features some of Warwick’s most valued components. A select swamp ash body for warmth and snap, an ovangkol neck for strength and growl, bell brass frets for resonance and longevity – all these elements blend beautifully to create the perfect performance palate for you and your passion.

Available in either 4 or 5-string models, the Double $$ comes with a natural finish or with one of Warwick’s transparent colored oil stains. If you think you have the right stuff to party with a pro, venture down to your local Warwick dealer and take the Double $$ for a test drive. Just remember – what happens with the Double $$ stays between you and the Double $$...

Corvette FNA Jazzman FNA Jazzman Models
Someone once said that you can’t improve on perfection. Fortunately, Warwick never met that person! The Corvette FNA Jazzman is the newest addition to the Warwick family of basses, and we couldn’t be more proud.

We added an MEC Jazz pickup in the neck position to the already proven FNA configuration. Now you can have a superior bass that is capable of an infinite variety of textures and tones. Four separate controls give you quick access to make any changes in the sound you desire using the MEC BEC III-2 3 way circuitry. Available in both 4 and 5 string models.

Thumb Bolt-on Thumb Bolt-on Images
The body of ovangkol has an arched top and a concave back. The three-piece ovangkol neck is neatly and securely fastened to the body. The gently arched wenge fingerboard with 24 ultra-hard jumbo frets offers a high degree of playing comfort.

The Thumb Bass is characterized by its superb attack and distinctive sound. The electronics give the player fast freedom to vary the timbre. Ideally equipped, and finished with loving to detail, the Thumb Bolt-on bass is a sound investment and retains its value superbly.

A broadneck, wide string spacing version of the Thumb Bolt-on is also available in 5 and 6 string configurations.

Thumb Bolt-On "Dirty Blonde"
Limited 2006

This year's limited edition bass from Warwick is turning heads and breaking hearts all over the world. Just one look will entrance you and make you do whatever it takes to be with her. And no one will blame you at all...

The Dirty Blonde's Swamp Ash body has a top that is made out of the very exotic tone wood call birdseye poplar. The headstock also has a birdseye poplar veneer, ensuring that the "carpet matches the drapes". To help enhance the natural beauty of this wood Warwick applies a satin finish, which also means that you will not need to wax this bass at all. Good looking and low maintenance!

The neck on the Dirty Blonde is made of flamed maple and features a tigerstripe ebony fingerboard with custom "gull" inlays. And for you players who like to go all the way, this beauty has 24 bell brass frets.

It would be a mistake to think that this bass was all good looks and no substance! The Dirty Blonde's actually quite deep, with MEC Active Twin J and J pickups and an onboard MEC active 3-band preamp. Sonically speaking, this blonde can do anything you ask.

Each bass is numbered and signed by Hans Peter Wilfer, Warwick's president and founder, ensuring their authenticity and value. As is true with all of Warwick's limited edition basses, if you want to get one you need to act fast. Don't let this dream bass slip through your fingers!

Streamer CT (Chrome Tone) Streamer LX Images
The Streamer Chrome Tone is new for 2004! Its 2-piece contoured maple body and headstock are dipped into a luxurious chrome bath, resulting in some exclusive colors and finishes. Like other Warwick basses the Streamer CT features an ovangkol neck and wenge fingerboard. Choose from a smooth mirrored finish or the textured "riffle" finish.

Equipped with active MEC "gold" pickups and 2-way MEC electronics, the Streamer CT is a formidable tone machine. Well... actually, even the MEC "gold" pickups are treated with a chrome finish! Naturally, the Streamer CT comes with chrome hardware complete with matching pearlescent inlaid control knobs. Any bass player is sure to shine on stage when playing a "Chrome Tone!"

Buzzard Bolt-onThe Warwick Buzzard Bolt-on Bass
The Buzzard Bolt-on is the little brother of the elite Buzzard LTD 2003. Origanlly conceived by the late John Entwistle and Warwick founder Hans Peter Wilfer, the Buzzard Bolt-on is a continuation of Warwick's original design that John had asked for in 1985. The uniquely styled body is crafted of zebrano wood with an ovangkol neck and wenge fingerboard complete with the traditional jumbo bell brass alloy frets. The rear, upper "wing" supports the bass giving it surprising balance and comfort yet adds to the incredible appeal of this fine instrument.

As for tone controls in this powerhouse, the pickup and electronic configurations are just as impressive. The 4-string model has 2 pairs of active MEC precision/precision pickups, while the 5-string version sports an active MEC Jazz/Jazz setup. Both versions are equipped with MEC's active 2-band electronics, unleashing the Buzzard Bolt-on's exceptional tonal manipulation characteristics. This beast adapts to any style, able to take a serious pounding, but can detect the lightest of touches. The Buzzard Bolt-on is sure to help you soar to new heights in your bass playing.

4 and 5 string versions available in natural oil finish with gold hardware.

Vampyre SN (Set Neck) The Vampyre Set Neck Basses
With its gothic-inspired, sculpted body contours and thundering sounds, the Vampyre SN could awaken even the dead. A pocket in the flamed maple body provides a precise fit for the glued-in ovangkol neck bonded to a wenge fingerboard. Its distinctive, longer horn and rear-mounted strap button help it to achieve perfect balance. The solid back, high gloss finish and black hardware create an appearance that is both sinister and sexy.

The Vampyre SN sounds even more impressive than it looks. An active MEC Twin Jazz pickup, active MEC Jazz neck pickup and the 2-band, active MEC electronics make the Vampyre SN's growl a force to be reckoned with. The Vampyre is rugged enough to take a hard beating night after night yet can produce elegant sounds from the most delicate of playing. Visit your dealer to sink your teeth into a Vampyre SN!

Katana (neck-thru)
Just like the sword that it is named for, the Katana neck-thru bass cuts through the mix like a hot knife through butter! The body features a swamp ash back and AAA flamed maple top, and the neck comes standard with an ebony fingerboard with custom mother-of-pearl “fisheye” inlays. The unique body design has a sculpted upper bout that makes this one of the most comfortable basses to play. To hone the sound of this incredible axe even more, Warwick loaded is with active MEC Gold J-style pickups and an MEC 3-band onboard preamp. Available in either 4-string or 5-string models, the Katana comes in natural wood and all standard Warwick colored oil stained finishes, and is beautifully adorned with gold hardware.

The Katana neck-thru was introduced at the 2004 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, and it quickly became the darling of the booth. The overall consensus from bass players was that the Katana has a bright and “snappy” tone, with that classic Warwick low-end growl. Go to your local Warwick dealer and tell him that you “wanna Katana!”

Streamer Stage IStreamer Stage I Models
The Streamer Stage I is a true masterpiece of modern bass construction and one of the most successful of all the thoroughbreds in Warwick's stable. Each maple body is carefully selected and ergonomically shaped for increased stability at a reduced weight. The Streamer Stage I's neck-through design maximizes playability and provides a magnificent foundation for a naturally rich tone and enhanced sound.

The extraordinary versatility of the Streamer Stage I is one of its most obvious advantages. Whether in the defined mid-range, or the clear velvety-soft high register, the Stage I performs immaculately. The tone control system, with 3-band electronics provides both dramatic and subtle changes of timbre.

Streamer Stage IIStreamer Stage II Images
The Streamer Stage II features an elegantly contoured body made of African afzelia wood. It has an arched top and an ergonomically recessed back. The slim neck-through design - invisible from the front - is recessed into the body. Neck and body are perfectly balanced to ensure an optimum playing position and superb playing comfort.

Clarity and transparency are undoubtedly the most striking tonal characteristics of the Stream Stage II. Dry, fundamental notes and a well-located, lower mid-range is the Warwick prescription to cure sound frustration. The Streamer Stage II is also a favorite for its instant response, growling mid-range, sparkling treble and cellar-deep bass.

Dolphin Pro IDolphin Pro I Images
The Dolphin's innovative body design, based on a rhombus, is perfectly balanced and gives it the eccentric look to match the demands of eccentric players. An extremely hard ovangkol wood body, contoured to fit the player, hides the ovagkol/zebrano neck-through design. The tuners, the Just-a-nut, pickups, bridge and saddle, are all mounted to the same piece of wood producing limitless unrivaled tones.

The vast tone flexibility, provided by the unique jazz/twin jazz pickups, opens up a new dimension - full and round across the entire sound spectrum. Even when percussive playing techniques are preferred to ordinary plucking, the Dolphin's sound still loses nothing in fullness and warmth.

Buzzard LTD 2003The Warwick Buzzard LTD 2003 Bass
The Buzzard LTD 2003 is a bass worthy of limited edition distinction and is the brainchild of the late bass legend John Entwistle and Warwick founder Hans Peter Wilfer. The two originally collaborated on this bass in 1985 when John asked for help to create a bass based on his unique ideas of how it should look and play. The untamed body shape and neck-through design form a distinctive bass guitar that sounds as wild as its guise. The exotic appeal doesn't stop there. The zebrano body is complemented by an ovangkol neck with a wenge fingerboard, complete with numeric fret markers (actual numbers) custom inlaid of paua abalone. And the headstock is unmistakably unique with its inline tuning heads.

The Buzzard LTD stirs more than just the eyes with its killer pickup configuration. Two pairs of active MEC precision/precision pickups provide ample tonal ranges and nearly infinite possibilities. Controlled by 2-band active MEC electronics, this commemorative bass is sure to play like butter in the hands of any player. It can handle the stresses of deep, thunderous growls yet can pick up the most gentle of nuances and deliver bright, crisp highs. Warwick's Buzzard LTD 2003 is a fitting tribute to a truly inspirational bassist that Hans Peter and all of us will miss.

4 string versions available in natural oil finish, and red, black or white metallic Flip Flop high polish finishes with gold hardware.

Alien Stage AousticThe Alien Acoustic Bass
The Alien fills the gap between the double bass and the electric bass. It provides a wealth of new opportunities for expression and adds an extra dimension to the musicinan's domain. Unusual styling in the convenient cutaway, the off-center asymmetric soundhole, add to the uniqueness of the overall shape and warm tones of this acoustic model. The top and body are both laminated for increased durability in stage use.

Equipped with the Fishman Prefix™ Plus acoustic guitar system, it provides a variable notch filter, shelving bass & treble, semi-parametric contour and brilliance cotrols for precise tone shaping. There is also a phase reversal switch and low battery indicator. Even without amplification, the basic character is evident; a growling tone across the instument's full range with a big bottom.

Unlike all other Warwick basses, the Alien is not manufactured in Germany. Built in Korea by a well-known acoustic builder to Warwick's exacting specifications, using technology and components supplied by Warwick. They were chosen for their proven acoustic expertise as well as meeting the demanding standrds of Warwick.