Warwick Jack Bruce Cream Reunion Bass

Warwick Jack Bruce Cream Reunion Bass

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Attention all Jack Bruce and Cream fanatics: There is something cool coming in your future! To commemorate the historic reunion of the legendary rock band, Cream, Warwick is making a very special bass for Jack Bruce to play. Named simply the Jack Bruce Reunion Bass, this neck-through masterpiece will feature a 5-piece ovangkol neck, with black veneers between each laminate. There is also a thin black veneer between the fingerboard and the neck, creating a very cool racing stripe along the edges of the neck. Add to that some LEDs on the top edge of the fingerboard and a mother-of-pearl block inlay that is engraved with “Jack Bruce Cream Reunion”, and you have a neck is sharper than a Hatori Hansa sword!

The body of this instrument is something to be admired! The body is made of solid bubinga, with interior tone chambers that not only enhance the harmonics and sustain, but lightens the overall weight of the bass. The top of the bass is made from stunning 4A Bubinga Pommele, with a black veneer separating the body from the cap, continuing the racing stripe theme that was started on the neck. In short, this bass looks and sounds fantastic.

Although you might be tempted to hang this bass on a museum wall, don’t! It is better suited for the stage and studio. In the heart of the Reunion Bass are two specially-designed MEC humbuckers that were hand wired to Jack Bruce’s personal specifications. The pickups are covered in a chrome cap that enhances but does not obscure the large poles pieces, further accentuating the “vintage” aesthetic. It cannot be stressed enough how much care went into the planning for the pickups of this bass. Both pickups were specially calibrated and the placement of the pole pieces was set to the exact distance to each string to optimize the sound and performance.

Do not be fooled by the classic look of these pickups because the technology behind them is ultra-modern, with an active MEC 3-band preamp, also custom-made under Mr. Bruce’s supervision. The result of all of this careful planning and work is a vintage sound that benefits from modern construction techniques and state-of-the-art components. The sum result of these unique components is that you can get all best vintage tones without the harsh tones and noise issues that are inherent in older basses. Old school meets new cool, if you will.

So what does Jack think of this new bass? We will let him tell you, “ The new bass looks absolutely fabulous! I love the way it looks!”