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Tacoma Monterey Guitars

Tacoma Monterey & Monterey Plus  - Built TOTALLY in the USA

This guitar is a Walnut & Spruce version of the famous Amazon Model. It is part of the celebrated Tacoma "V" Series limited editions. There are only a handful of dealers in the whole world who qualify to purchase this guitar direct from Tacoma. (5 Dealers Worldwide). If you are in the store make certain that you try one of the guitars out.

Tacoma Guitars As Played By Eric Johnson, Bonnie Raitt, Adrian Belew & Travis Tritt


Little Jumbo Cutaway, Yellow Cedar Top, Claro Walnut Sides & Back, Flamed Maple Binding on Body & Neck, Ebony Fretboard, Abalone Logo Inlay, Gloss Finish.


Tacoma Guitars, As Played by Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, David Lindley, Peter Frampton

This Photo is a little pixilated and it fails to show all the rich overtones of the Walnut

Custom Shop Monterey Mod

This Tacoma Custom Shop Series V guitar sounds even better than it looks, if that is possible. It's wearing an Amazon top, which is nearly 2,000 years old, and the sides and back are of Claro Walnut. The exquisite Purfling and Flamed Koa Binding all around the Body and Ebony Fretboard truly accent the beauty of the Walnut. This ancient Cedar top, which is extremely dense, when paired with the Claro Walnut, produces a fat, sweet tone that is evenly balanced with great depth.


Click to Enlarge: 2,000 y/o Cedar Top


Click to Enlarge: Claro Walnut Sides and Back


Click to Enlarge: Flamed Koa Binding and Abalone Purfling

Hello Mick,

The Tacoma V series Monterey is possibly the best guitar I have ever owned, I have had 6 Martins, 3 Taylors and several old Gibsons. The beauty and grain of the wood is magnifico and the sound seems to ring forever.  The finger picking articulation is fab. Thanks for doing the sound comparison, If you hadn't spent that time with me I might have bought another Taylor. I still have a Taylor 12 string and I can tell you it will be on Ebay by this weekend.  I am quite upset at Guitar Center for selling me those Taylors. I realize now that they are nothing but mass produced bolt on neck junk.

Monty Hannagin

Bay Area