PRS Signature Guitars

PRS Signature Guitars

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PRS Signature Guitar 

The Best Limited Edition Guitars
 Paul Reed Smith Ever Built

  A Group of PRS Signature Guitars

I don't recommend buying too many of the PRS Limited Edition Guitars !!!!  The Signature PRS model is definitely their best ever Ltd Edition piece.

I can pretty much guarantee that most of the other models will never increase much in value.  Especially the Artist Models, Rosewood Neck Models and Santana Models. If you can find a very low serial number or a 1985 or 1986 for a decent price It's not a bad deal. However these guitars have peaked and the price you will have to pay to get one is so ridiculously exorbitant that you will never be in a position to actually make any money on it.
The Dragon guitars took a nose dive by 2005 no one wanted one of those at any price.

The reason I can be so sure of this is that PRS has frontloaded the cache value so that the original buyer pays the collector premium at the time of purchase. Simply put that does not leave the value any place to go but down.

PRS Signature Guitars

For those readers who are recent PRS fans. A "Signature" is considered to be the best guitar that PRS ever made. It is also the very first limited run and also each and every one of them is hand signed personally on the headstock under the finish by Paul Reed Smith .

 There is no PRS decal on these models because of the actual signature. This model was also the most long lived limited edition lasting over 4 years.

These guitars have not been available for almost 16  years and The PRS Company have come out with many other short lived limited editions since. The "Signature" however is without a doubt the best guitar that Paul ever designed. Also the Signature's were all considered "11" tops. The woods incorporated in the building of the Signatures are from Paulís private wood stash from before he went into production.

I can easily believe it because the Signatures actually sound much better than a normal PRS.

Custom Ed Roman body built back in 1997 for a 7 string PRS style guitar.

This guitar became the prototype for the Quicksilver Guitar

Headstock Quilt Modification
Bird Inlay Modification
1500 G Neck Finish Modification
    This PRS guitar, was one of the most excellent playing guitars I had ever owned, at the time I first got it. In 1993 it was my favorite of all my guitars. 

It was a 1992 Classic. in Bonni Pink.  I wanted to spiff it up a little more, I decided to install birds, and add a quilted veneer to the headpiece.

I could have easily made a new neck and saved the original one if I cared about originality.  But being a player first and a collector second,  I really don't give a Rat's A$$ about originality.  In retrospect I should have put a new neck on it with an ebony fretboard, and I should have used an ebony overlay on the headstock instead of the quilt,  I probably would have kept it then.

I have had this guitar since 1992 and I feel it is one of the best PRS guitars I have ever owned.

If you spend any time on my website you will note that I have been calling attention to all of the changes PRS has made since these guitars were introduced.

Most of these changes have not been well received. 

I am planning on introducing a new guitar to the market in the year 1999.   This guitar will incorporate many of the excellent ideas that Paul had before he became involved with the whole ex Gibson contingent.  I will of course be adding some improvements of my own.
Some of the improvements planned will be the pickup mounting technique and the actual electronics themselves. I will also be offering many things that PRS simply has ignored. Ebony Fretboard, Tuna Matic Tone Pros Bridge, Bound Necks, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Piezo Systems, Midi Systems, Unfinished Necks and almost 50 different choices of wood.   These lower priced higher quality guitars will come in a choice of bolt in neck or glue on neck at the same price. (PRS charges over $400.00 difference). These guitars will also be a perfect retrofit to the original PRS guitars. Bodies & Necks will be100% interchangeable with a PRS guitar see Quicksilver Guitars.

This guitar will be a tribute to the earlier PRS Guitars that are now becoming scarce and too pricey. 

Here you can see the neck after I have installed the bird inlays and redid the headstock 

I also used my exclusive "1500-G Mod" to the neck.  This modification makes the guitar neck feel incredible. 

I offer the "1500 G mod" for any guitar. But I do it most often on PRS and Fender Guitars.


    See the matching quilted headstock.

Notice the bird inlay on the first fret.   "PRS doesn't do that"

I wanted this guitar to be premium in every way !!! 

As I stated above, It would have been smarter of me to build a new neck and use Ebony for the fingerboard, I should also have used ebony for the headstock overlay.  (Call For More Info)

Here is a photo of the 1500 G Modification.

This modification is a process whereby  I remove the thick and glossy original factory finish and impregnate the neck with a protective oil.

After the oil has been absorbed by the neck.  A combination of sandpaper and emery cloth is used to bring the neck to a high polished yet natural satin finish.

Doing this, will possibly void your warranty with a manufacturer, but the main concern, as always, has to be playability.

When finished the neck feels like a $1.500 Pool Cue.

The completed guitar now looks worthy of how it sounds, Great!!

You will notice, in this  group shot of PRS Bonni Pink Guitars.

The headstocks are either black or a solid Pepto Bismol pink.

  I have never seen another one with a pink quilted headstock. 


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