PRS Santana Guitar

PRS Santana Guitar

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     Carlos Santana
  Carlos Santana began playing the guitar at a young age and his unique Latin-Blues style started turning heads almost immediately. In the 1970s, Carlos began breaking the boundaries and fusing his style with other genres. It was during this journey, when Carlos Santana was turned on to PRS guitars. After borrowing a PRS to use on his 1981 record, Zebop!, he knew he had to have one of his own.
  Carlos collaborated with Paul Reed Smith to build a guitar unlike any other. This guitar had to sound and play as good as it looked. This guitar eventually made it to production as the Santana II in 1995.
  As Carlos’ style matured, his guitar had to mature with him. He wanted a guitar that could do it all. "Let’s work on a guitar that’s like a box of crayons. So you can get all the colors, all the flavors. Why not have chocolate and peanut butter? Why not just put them all together?" It was this idea that spawned the new Santana MD or Santana ‘Multi-Dimensional’ guitar.

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