J Frog Glock 22 Guitar

J Frog Glock 22 Guitar

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Glock 22
Hand Painted Graphic
(The original Kramer graphic was a digital photo with a clear coat over it.)


The Glock 22 Is The Body Shape To The Left With A Floyd Rose, A Single Humbucker And A 22 Fret Board. The Neck, Typically, Is Maple. Our Stock Fretboards Are Maple Or Ebony. But, Like The Other Brands We Make, The Sky Is The Limit On Available Options And Custom Appointments!




Glock 22 Mutt

(Plain Jane, But Plays & Sounds Great)





Glock 22 In Blueburst

(And An Exception To The Rule: It Has 2 Humbuckers)




Pink Bull's Eye Anyone?

(This Guitar Is In Stock)

And It Has A Single Coil (EMG) In The Neck




Or Perhaps A 5150