George Lynch Skull & Bones

George Lynch Skull & Bones

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J Frog - Skull N' Bones

Our Most Famous Model
Made popular by George Lynch
There are numerous cheapo copies out there!!!


   Sometimes copies can be well made, But so far I have never seen a single decent copy of this guitar. 

ESP who usually builds a pretty decent guitar (They are just way overpriced) failed miserably on their attempt to copy this.

   There is some hack job on Ebay who is offering bodies that look like real crap. 
   Copycats be advised ESP paid Ed Roman & Johnny Frog $1,000.00 for ever guitar they built (They made 25) If you are willing to risk legal action then by all means make the copies.

J. Frog Skull n' Bones with Skull Inlays
Surprisingly this is the first time anyone ever asked for this !!!

Built For Steve Kinder

Prototype J. Frog Double Skull

Ebony Fingerboard, Duncan Black/back Custom Pickup (Blows away the Screamin' Demon)
Screamin' Demon Pickup available no extra charge.
Beware of Cheapo Imitations from Cheapo Japanese companies.

All Hand Carved In The USA
J. Frog bodies in preparation for construction.
Many people think these guitars are molded.
They are all hand carved from real tonewoods
 Skilled craftsman take the better part of a week to complete one.
Dealer Inquiries Accepted

 Coffin Case