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Gary Jacobs Price List


Currently Gary Jacobs Is Sold Out Till 2008

Guitar Avanti Guitar  $4,900.00 $3,540.00
  Valkyrie (Vee)  Neck Thru $5,400.00 $3,740.00
  Choice of Body Thickness Standard NC
  All Access Heeless Neck Joint Standard NC
  Choice of Neck Thickness Standard NC
  Choice of Knob Location Standard NC
  Solid Mount Pickups Standard NC
  Black Korina Body Premium $699.00 $480.00
  White Korina Body Premium $599.00 $360.00
  Gold Hardware $200.00 $140.00
  Chrome Hardware Standard NC
  Ebony Fingerboard $210.00 $165.00
  Matching Headstock $288.00 $180.00
  Tuned Tone Chambers $148.00 $88.00
  Quartersawn Maple or Mahogany Neck Standard NC
  3 Piece Maple Neck $160.00 $110.00
  5 Piece Maple Neck $290.00 $196.00
  Neck Binding $180.00 $124.00
  Headstock Binding $180.00 $120.00
  Body Binding $400.00 $240.00
  Tone Pros Bridge Standard NC
  Chrome Locking Schaller Tuners $90.00 $54.00
  Gold Locking Schaller Tuners $130.00 $78.00
  Ebony Tuner Buttons $56.00 $36.00
  Pearloid Tuner Buttons $96.00 $46.00
  Seymour Duncan Pickups Standard NC
  Push Pull Pots Standard NC
  Floyd Rose Tremolo (Original) $400.00 $260.00
  Pearlcaster Tremolo $300.00 $220.00
  Exotic  Woods, Cocobolo, Redwood, Buckeye, Koa, Walnut  etc POR POR
  Arch Carve Top $420.00 $242.00
  Raised Carve Top Standard NC
  AA Flame or Quilt $312.00 $187.00
  AAA Flame or Quilt $500.00 $320.00
  AAAA Quilt Maple $700.00 $420.00
  AAAAA Quilt Maple $900.00 $600.00
  10 Top Flame Maple $600.00 $360.00
  Pearl Diamonds 7 mm X 15 mm $160.00 $96.00
  Pearl Crowns $380.00 $280.00
  Pearl Dolphins $398.00 $274.00
  Special Order Charge $250.00 $150.00
  Case Hard Shell $199.00 $139.00

POR means "Price on Request"


Avanti Model

I get Letters

For all you rock/alt rock Fender / Gibson / Epiphone / Marshall / PRS Nazis: You know you who you are… The people that think that these are the ONLY guitars you should play to be "cool"… Open your minds to the great new independent guitar builders… They care more about their craft than the “bottom line” just like your “favorite” bands did before they “sold out”…

I hear everybody complain about how mainstream music sucks and how we should always listen to the new bands and artists that radio won’t play…By this same logic, shouldn’t you play a great guitar that is NOT the run of the mill mainstream brand???

It is very likely that your favorite guitar companies HAVE ALREADY SOLD OUT!!!!

   Duke Seino, tone junkie