Jackson Serial Numbers

Jackson Serial Numbers

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The Serial Number Charts Refer to USA-made
Jackson & Charvel instruments only.

The below information was taken directly from Jackson Guitars website.

On Neck-Thru Body Models: The serial number is stamped into the fingerboard at the last fret.

On Bolt-On Neck Models: The serial number is stamped into the neck plate.

Models that are sold outside of the continental United States cannot be tracked using this serial number inquiry system. These models are shipped directly from the manufacturing plant to the distributor in your country and are not tracked here in the United States at Charvel. The history of these instruments are not known to Jackson since the were not shipped thru their facility and therefore cannot be tracked by Jackson's service staff in the United States. Please contact your country's distributor for more information regarding these instruments.

>><< Newsflash >><<

For All You Charvel San Dimas Lovers!

Many of the San Dimas Guitars I have seen are fraudulent. I mean how easy it it to make a copy of a Fender copy?  Oh you checked yours out with Jackson, so you are confident that yours is real. I've got sad news for you.  The principal forger of the San Dimas guitars who shall remain un-named, If I say his name, he will sue me, because it is hard to prove.

Here's the sad news.  This SOB, who pretends to be mister know it all on Jackson/Charvel is actually acquiring original Charvel guitars. When he is 100% satisfied that they are original & real he will make a number of exact copies of it. In this way when you call Jackson to check out the guitar you will find that all the colors and numbers match. Theoretically you could buy a perfect copy right down to the serial # and color.  buyer beware. I have purposely stayed away from the old San Dimas Charvel guitars because I knew that someday this would come out and every one of them will come under suspicion.

There is only one way to get a real one and be 100% sure. If you find an old Charvel at a Tag Sale for $150.00 I will bet it's real. The minute any dealer has had it,  I would immediately doubt it's authenticity.  The high price taints the originality.

 The FENDER Issue

As many of my customers know I have never been the biggest corporate guitar supporter on this planet. However in the case of Jackson Guitars, Ed Roman is very impressed by what Fender is doing. They are pumping money & R&D dollars into the company they are bringing in new & modern tooling. They are keeping the price structure quite low for a guitar of that caliber.

When I first heard that Fender had bought the company, I was afraid they would do the typical Gibson thing and destroy it quickly.  I am surprised & happy to say that Fender is really trying to beef up the quality & clean up all the problems that existed before when Akai owned Jackson.  I am watching their movements closely and it looks like they have nothing but good intentions for Jackson/Charvel. 

If they change their tactics,  I will be the first to bring it to your attention.  At this time it does not look like they are going about anything the wrong way. These actions have caused me to look at Guild & Gretsch which are other Fender owned guitars. I have now decided to carry both lines.

It would be very cool if Fender reissued the old San Dimas model Charvel, They could actually do it with the real headstock that it came with and many peoples dreams would come true.  

Who knows,    (They did do It and I have some still left that are available,  I bought the first 12)

Ed Roman


This Chart refers to USA-made Jackson and Charvel instruments only.
Year & Factory Randy Rhoads Neck-thru body Other Custom Neck-thru's Jackson Archtop Jackson USA Neck-thru
1982 San Dimas RR 0000 (Mrs. Rhoads)      
1983 San Dimas RR0001-RR0294 J0001-J0034    
1984 San Dimas RR0295-RR0996 J0035-J0406    
1985 San Dimas RR0997-RR1754 J0407-J1539    
1986 San Dimas RR1755-RR1929 J1540-J2799 JA0001-JA0011  
1987 Ontario RR1930-RR2115 J2800-J4072 JA0012-JA0036  
1988 Ontario RR2116-RR2274 J4073-J5007 JA0037-JA0087  
1989 Ontario RR2275-RR2527 J5008-J5657 JA0088-JA0149  
1990 Ontario RR2528-RR2664 J5658-J5842 JA0150-JA0169 UO0001-UO0852
1991 Ontario RR2665-RR2683 J5843-J5923 JA0170-JA0175 UO0853-UO1750
1992 Ontario RR2684-RR2706 J5924-J5974 JA0176-JA0177 UO1751-UO2070
1993 Ontario RR2707-RR2724 J5975-J6079 JA0178-JA0179 UO2071-UO2527
1994 Ontario RR2725-RR2744 J6080-J6171 JA0180 UO2528-UO2941
1995 Ontario RR2745-RR2756 J6172-J6238 End of Series UO2942-UO3211
1996 Ontario RR2757-RR2784 J6239-J6300 None Produced UO3212-UO4005
1997 Ontario RR2785-RR2801 J6301-J6379 None Produced UO4006-UO5247
1998 Ontario RR2802-RR2823 J6380-J6444 None Produced UO5248-UO6904
1999 Ontario RR2824-RR2844 J6445-J6506 JA0182-JA0185 UO6905-UO7626
2000 Ontario RR2845-RR2860 J6506-6568 JA0186-JA0191 UO7627-UO8969
2001 Ontario RR2861- J6569- JA0192-JA194 UO8970-

NOTES: All Randy Rhoads neck-thru's were given "RR****" serial numbers from 1983 to the spring of 1990. After that point, only custom Rhoads guitars were given "RR****" serial numbers; any production Rhoads guitars were considered "USA" models and given "U0****" serial numbers. Any neck-thru body guitar that was not a Randy Rhoads model was given a "Jnnnn" number. This included Soloists, King V's, Kelly's, Concert Basses etc. After the spring of 1990, only custom neck-thru's were given "J" numbers; any production Soloists, Kelly's, King V's etc. were also considered "USA" models and given "U0****" numbers. There are exceptions to this rule. Sometimes you will find production neck-thru's from the 90's with "J" or "RR" numbers instead of "U" numbers; this usually means it was a prototype of some kind made in the custom shop. There are a scattering of Rhoads guitars out there with "J" serial numbers instead of the traditional "RR" number (oops!).

Year & Factory Early Charvel Bolt On (note 1) Jackson Custom Shop Bolt On (note 2) Jackson Junior (note 3) Jackson USA Bolt On
1981 San Dimas 1001-10095      
1982 San Dimas 1096-1724      
1983 San Dimas 1725-2938      
1984 San Dimas 2939-4261      
1985 San Dimas 4262-5303      
1986 San Dimas 5304-5491 1001-1505    
1987 Ontario *End of Series* 1506-7303    
1988 Ontario   1506-7303    
1989 Ontario   1506-7303    
1990 Ontario   7304-7498   000001-000900
1991 Ontario   7499-7761   000901-001563
1992 Ontario   7762-7814   001564-001739
1993 Ontario   7815-7898   001740-001931
1994 Ontario   7899-7973 0001JJ-0091JJ 001932-2324
1995 Ontario   7974-8013 0092JJ-0105JJ 002325-002687
1996 Ontario   8014-8055 0106JJ-0256JJ 002688-003370
1997 Ontario   8056-8089 0257JJ-0422JJ 003371-004676
1998 Ontario   8090-8138 0423JJ-583JJ 004677-004923
1999 Ontario   8139-8158 0584JJ-0605JJ 004924-004974
2000 Ontario   8159-8176 0606JJ-0643JJ 004975-005050
2001 Ontario   8177- 0644JJ- 005051-


NOTE 1: There were approximately 750 Bolt-on Charvel's made from 1979-1981 without serial numbers. The first serial number used was a Strat-style guitar with the Heineken beer bottle label painted on it, November 9th, 1981. These neck plates say "Charvel PO Box 245, San Dimas, Ca, 91773". The last Early Charvel was #5491, built in January of 1986. Neck plates with numbers 5492 and up were supposedly destroyed but some of them do turn up from time to time...BUYER BEWARE!! These are not real Jacksons!

NOTE 2: From 1987 to 1989 Jackson Custom Shop bolt on neck guitars were not assembled in strict serial number order. Serial numbers 5234 to 5999 do not exist (due to an error in the stamping machine). These neck plates say "Jackson, 4452 Airport Drive. Ontario, CA 91761". They are still in use today.

NOTE 3: Since the Jackson Junior (JJ) is the only Jackson bolt on without a neck plate, these serial numbers can be found stamped into the fretboard.

Other Note: Charvel bolt ons were discontinued and replaced with Jackson bolt ons in 1986. This coincided with the introduction of the Japanese Charvel's. In the spring of 1990, the four digit Jackson neck plate was reserved for custom instruments only. All production bolt on instruments were given the six-digit USA series neck plate.


New Family Of Products Brings Diversity To FMIC Distribution

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, 10/29/2002 - Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is proud to announce the creation of a new manufacturing subsidiary, to be called Jackson/Charvel Manufacturing, Inc. Consequently, Jackson/Charvel Manufacturing, Inc. has signed a deal to purchase specific assets of the Jackson/Charvel Guitar Company, which was a division of Akai Musical Instruments Corporation (AMIC). The acquisition, effective as of October 25, 2002, will include all existing inventory of products and trademarks relating to Jackson and Charvel.

The industry’s leader in manufacturing and distribution of electric guitars and amplifiers with the Fender ® and Squier ® brand names, FMIC has continually sought to develop diverse and innovative products. With the addition of Jackson/Charvel Manufacturing, Inc. into the Fender fold, the company has the opportunity to produce and distribute new products, and to welcome a core consumer base geared more towards heavy metal and hard rock styles.

Says Bill Schultz, Chairman and CEO of FMIC, “Throughout our history, we’ve embraced musicians of all styles by offering products to suit their needs. Jackson and Charvel products appeal to musicians that are not traditional ‘Fender’ players, but who want a quality instrument made by people who know what their needs are. We are musicians, we know guitars, and we know how to get them to the guitarists of the world.”

“Both the Jackson and Charvel product lines consist of quality instruments with strong brand recognition and a rightful place in musical instrument history,” adds Schultz. “Many innovative product features and cutting edge artists are associated with these fine instruments, and with the creation of Jackson/Charvel Manufacturing, Inc., we are committed to exceeding their expectations in the areas of quality, service and market support.”

Jackson/Charvel Manufacturing, Inc. will immediately begin to produce Jackson and Charvel products utilizing its existing production facility in Ontario, California for all American-made Jackson and Charvel guitars, as well as its custom orders. Additionally, Jackson/Charvel Manufacturing, Inc. will continue to produce guitars with its overseas manufacturing partners.

FMIC will then sell and distribute the products through a new inside telesales and field sales department under the direction of Jeff Cary, Vice President of Specialty Sales, and will utilize its existing network of global distributors and direct sales offices. AMIC product manager, Donnie Wade, will join Fender and will head up the marketing efforts.

“This is great news for fans of Jackson and Charvel,” says Marketing Manager, Donnie Wade. “The guitars will remain with one of the most prestigious American manufacturers ever, one that is a progressive company and that will maintain the integrity that Jackson and Charvel has built throughout its years.”

Jackson and Charvel’s existing retailers, which number around 400 in the United States, will still be able to carry the products and will be contacted directly by FMIC to ensure a trouble-free change over.

“We have worked very hard over the past seventeen years to build a worldwide distribution network that offers quality instruments and excellent service to retailers and consumers,” says Schultz. “We are all very excited to have Jackson and Charvel within our family, and we look forward to working with the retailers that have supported these instruments throughout their history.”