Gibson Mick Jones Les Paul Guitar

Gibson Mick Jones Les Paul Guitar

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Michael Geoffrey "Mick" Jones (born 26 June 1955) is the former lead guitarist, vocalist and co-founder for the British punk rock band The Clash until his dismissal in 1983. He went on to form the band Big Audio Dynamite with Don Letts before line-up changes led to the formation of Big Audio Dynamite II and later Big Audio.

In recent years Mick Jones has been collaborating with fellow punk icon Tony James, using the moniker Carbon/Silicon, and has released several albums of original material between 2002 and 2007.


Jones' first guitar was a Gibson Les Paul Junior with a P-90 pickup, which he bought since Johnny Thunders used one. The Junior was his main guitar up until late 1977 early 1978, and after that as a backup and studio-guitar. Around the same time he also owned another Les Paul Junior, all black (formerly red) with a black pickguard, which got smashed at a gig in 1977. He then switched to the regular Gibson Les Paul and later to Gibson Les Paul Customs.

"My favorites are still the Juniors," he told in 2006. "I had a great Les Paul Standard, a sunburst one. And then I had a black Custom, and a white Custom. And then the big white hollowbody for London Calling. But I still play the Juniors today."