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ESP Guitars Are All Made In Korea, China & Japan
Just Because ESP Prices Them Like A USA Made Guitar,
 Don't Fall For It
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Buy a high quality neck through body Flying Vee,  Install the EMG's  and I will do a nicer looking more detailed  Flame paint job.  You will end up with a real American high quality guitar instead of an overpriced Korean Bolt on. Best of all it will cost you a lot less. Yay!

Oh, you don't like Gibson's, OK then start out with a Jackson or a BC Rich. Use a  neck through body USA made guitar it will still cost you less. A lot less!

Oh,  you don't have much money!!  Then use a Jackson imported Flying Vee (Still  better quality than the ESP) You can still paint the flames, and  it will cost more than a thousand dollars less than the ESP. Intelligent!!

If you care about name recognition,  Jackson has a much more respected name than ESP anyway. Jackson is an American company whereas ESP is an Asian company.

I don't care how many American Flag Decals ESP sticks on their guitars  !!!! THEY ARE ALL MADE IN ASIA !!

ESP Flying V Ltd Edition

This Flaming paint job available on any Guitar Green Red or Purple or any color at all. 

 ESP Original Kamikazi


We can do this paint job on a USA BC Rich, a Jackson Soloist or a Hamer Californian or a J Frog Glock 22.

Floyd Rose Installation Secrets

If you own an ESP and the Floyd Rose System is not performing to your expectations I may be able to help you. (Call for info)
Most of the Floyd Rose Tremolos on ESP Guitars are not the real German made one. Instead they use the Chinese made one.

I have been installing Floyd Rose Tremolos since 1983 in fact I was installing them when you actually had to buy the directly from Floyd himself.
Myself and my partner at the time learned some neat installation tricks. In fact many people who install Floyds (including some major companies) simply aren't aware of how to install one the correct way.
There are facts that many people do not know about Floyd Rose trems.
Soon we will be publishing a technical article on the subject.