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Dingwall Players & Endorsers

"The best 5-string bass I've ever played."

- Lee Sklar

Ed Roman has one of Lee's original Dingwall Basses for sale.  Call Ed personally if you are interested  (702) 597-0147

"The most in-tune bass I've ever played... I love it!"

- Mike Brignardello

"The extra string length makes a big difference." - Ross Vallory (Journey)
Ross Vallory is the first person I ever saw using a Steinberger Bass back in the Early 80's  (Amazing Tone Made Me A Believer For Life)

Ed Roman has the Largest Selection of Dingwall & Steinberger Basses Anywhere  Call Ed Roman Personally for Steinberger Guitars & Parts.
(702) 597-0147


"When I use the Dingwall live I can feel the floor move, the energy of the crowd just skyrockets!"

- Hank Insell (freelance jazz, funk, orchestral)

Patrick is one of the most in demand rock bassists in Brazil.  

- Patrick Laplan

"Thanks again for a beautiful bass and for looking after me when I called in. I must tell you, I just love the Dingwall, it's so in tune that at first I thought it was out... seriously... at the moment I am enjoying how easy the bass is to play."

- Al Niblock (Bassist for The Commitments)
Al has been a Dingwall endorser and user for since 2001.

  Dave does extensive work in musical theater as well as holding down the bottom end of the Jack Semple band. If you enjoy mind bogglingly funky chops and arrangements, check out Jack's site.

- Dave Chobot

Ex-bassist for Brian McKnight, currently plays for Spin Doctors, Jiro Yoshida, Chuck Loeb among others. Carl has been a Dingwall endorser since 1999. Carl has a great solo CD called "This Day" and is touring extensively. 

- Carl Carter

"I am really enjoying the new Dingwall FD-3 pickups, they make play in the style of my early 70's funk and soul fusion days. These pickups have that vintage "Throwback" style of the very early Marcus Miller Fender jazz tone."

- Arlington Houston
Arlington is a talented Bay Area player who has been playing a Dingwall Z1 5-string since 2000. Check out Arlington's outstanding Jazz CD "Cool Casual"

"It's the only 5-string bass that Ricky likes and Ricky is very picky about bass."

- Mark Fain (Ricky Skaggs, Loretta Lynn)

"Thanks for the coolest bass!"

- Prescott Niles (The Knack)

Scott takes bass where it's never been before on his CD "Sbass Music:. Textural, emotional, spatial, at times even eerie.

- Scott Petito

Paul Slagle