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The Afterburner Elite Models are the top of the line in the Afterburner Series

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The Dingwall Afterburner is probably the most intelligent, practical excellent sounding bass on the market today. The only thing that held me back on these was the fact that they were only available in flame tops. After much haggling with Barry & Sheldon I was able to talk them into using Quilted Maple Tops.

While Dingwall�s fancier more expensive basses feature five piece graphite-reinforced necks and angled headstocks with lavish veneers, the Afterburner has a more traditional 3-piece neck, Wenge fingerboard and a flat headstock. The tasteful headstock blends with the look of the fanned-frets and compliments the body shape. Dingwall very cleverly, has countersunk the tuners to allow pressure on the nut so as to avoid the use of string trees. The neck is fitted with four threaded inserts and it�s attached to the body with large countersunk Allen wrench bolts. Dingwall designed the bridge especially for the Afterburner. Its aluminum base sits flush atop the body, and its saddles are brass. Each string rides on top of two stainless-steel bolts. The rounded edges of the two bolt heads touch; the string nestles into the "V" formed by this juncture.

Featuring the same 34�- 37� scale as there more expensive instruments the Afterburner has that same �Voice of God� B-string. The Alder body Afterburner comes with Dingwall�s FD-3 pickups, Neutrik locking jack, and available Flamed Maple (or an Ed Roman exclusive Quilted Maple) top.

Electronics are passive with a 4-position pickup selector, Dingwall�s bluEQube mid scoop control and a passive tone control. For a fraction of the price you get the same attention to detail and quality of the highly esteemed Prima and Z-Series models.