Bo Diddley

The Story of the Bo Diddley "Jupiter Thunderbird, Cadillac & Cigar Box Guitars."

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Sometime back in the 60's or early 70's,  I don't have an exact date or even a point of reference.  Elias McDaniel AKA Bo Diddley who was a real innovator, decided to design himself some cool, distinctive looking, futuristic guitars. He felt that playing the same guitar that everyone else played was counterproductive to his career.  As a former band manager & concert promoter I concur whole heartedly with what Bo was thinking.

Bo approached a guitar builder in White Plains, New York, known only as Giulliano  (Pronounced Juliano) . Bo knew him from when he was the production manager of Gretsch Guitars 60 Broadway NYC   NY.

Giulliano constructed the three now famous guitars & Bo named them after automobiles that he liked. These were never Gretsch guitars, These were custom made creations that employed the use of Gretsch necks.  Bo was seen using the Jupiter Thunderbird, quite a bit however the Cadillac he used more in the studio

Bo's Girlfriend "The Duchess" used the Cadillac quite often and it became synonymous with her.   See Below



Ed Roman is now recreating the Original Bo Diddley Cadillac Guitar

Ed Roman in Las Vegas  is now  constructing all three models. Instead of making them set neck guitars, Ed has chosen to build these with the absolute highest level of quality using modern - vintage electronics, high quality woods and top grade bridges, tuners etc etc.

The Abstract guitars are not for everyone, They are not inexpensive like a cheap import and they are designed with the concept of making their owners better players.

These guitars are will still be around 100 years from now, they are true works of art and they sound awesome. Bo Diddley would have been proud !!!!

Ed Roman
(702) 597-0147




New Diddley Bopper Model
Custom Built for Tyler Ochs of The Mooney Suzuki Band

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