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About Benedetto Guitars

Bob Benedetto is the modern day John D'Angelico. His guitars are as good as you can get and best of all they will hold their value long after many other companies.

When I first met Bob Benedetto & his lovely wife Cindy, I must say,  I was surprised tremendously by the attitude of friendliness and open-ness. I somehow expected at least a tiny bit of arrogance which again I must say was totally undetectable. 
I would have forgiven him any arrogance due to his station and place in the industry. However as I said there was none.

     Ed Roman

Robert Benedetto is widely acknowledged as today’s foremost maker of archtop guitars. Over a prolific four-decade career, he has personally handcrafted nearly 800 instruments, including 500 archtops. “My roots are in jazz guitar. It’s been my love and my focus since Day One.”

Robert Benedetto was born October 22, 1946 in the Bronx, New York, into a family of artists, cabinet makers and musicians. He made his first archtop guitar in 1968. His reputation grew as he crafted guitars for noted players Bucky Pizzarelli, Chuck Wayne, Joe Diorio and Cal Collins, and, later, Johnny Smith, Jack Wilkins, Ron Eschete, Martin Taylor, Howard Alden, John Pizzarelli, Andy Summers, Jimmy Bruno and Kenny Burrell (collectively known as “The Benedetto Players”). His guitars appear on countless recordings, TV & film soundtracks, in videos, books, magazines, museums (including the Smithsonian Institution) and concerts worldwide.
Bob & Cindy, present

In 1975, Bob and Cindy were married.  For over 30 years, Cindy has photographed and extensively documented Bob's guitars and their players. In 1994, they published the landmark book, Making an Archtop Guitar, following it in 1996 with its companion video, Archtop Guitar Design & Construction . That same year, Cindy organized the Benedetto Players in Concert series. In 2004, Mel Bay Publications produced the acclaimed "Benedetto: Body and Soul" DVD, a biography by William Doyle.

From 1999-2006, Benedetto had a licensing agreement with Fender Musical Instruments to produce his models in a small, controlled manufacturing environment. In 2006, Benedetto joined forces with Howard Paul to bring Benedetto Guitars to the next level, manufacturing a broad line of more affordable professional instruments without compromising the unparalleled Benedetto worldwide reputation for singular quality. The company, to be located in Savannah, Georgia, will play a part in both the business and cultural communities.

To date, Bob and Cindy maintain close contact with players and fans.

“I can think of no two people in the history of lutherie who have done more to increase appreciation for the archtop guitar than Bob and Cindy Benedetto.”

Randall Kremer, Smithsonian Institution