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The BC Rich Stealth Guitar was played by Rick Derringer, who also designed the guitar, Later made even more famous by Chuck Schuldiner of "Death".  
Originally Rick Derringer took his design to Gibson. As usual Gibson set about a way they could make it cheaper and ruin the mojo. Gibson wanted to make it a set neck guitar and not a neck thru.
Rick took it to Bernie Rico and the rest is Rock n' Roll History.  The Stealth is probably the nicest of all the BC Rich Guitars.  It balances the best and has a very comfortable feel sitting or standing.  Try one you will be surprised. 


BC Rich Stealth Paint Job By Ed Roman's Custom Shop

Longscale BC Rich Stealth Basses


Chuck Schuldiner - Death Frontman
Chuck's Stealth looks blue in the photo because there must be a blue light on him

Chuck Schuldiner stealth

Chuck Schuldiner and his two BC Rich Stealths.
The black Stealth was Chucks most important guitar, and was the one he used on tours.


1983 Rick Derringer & Ed Roman With Blue Stealth Guitar

Rick Derringer the original designer of the Stealth model


Edgar & Rick

Picture: Rick using his BC Rich Stealth 

Rick told me that he approached Gibson to build the Stealth model and they turned him down.

So naturally he asked Bernie Rico to do it and the BC Rich Stealth was born. It is one of the best designed, best balanced psuedo  guitars on the market.

I only got to see Rick with Edgar twice but what incredible shows! I was lucky, unexpectedly Johnny Winter showed up. If I live to be 1000 years old, I'll never forget their rendition of  Tobacco Road.

Recently Rick bought up all my old Stealth models that I had in my inventory.

BC Rich has discontinued manufacturing of the Stealth, these cooler than cool models.

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