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Ed Roman has a huge selection of USA made BC Rich Bich Guitars.

BC Rich Bich

Group Shot of BC Rich Bich Guitars
We Try To Keep A Lot Of Them In Stock !!!!

BC Rich Bich

No Dealer Anywhere Has More BC Rich Bich Guitars
All guitars on this page are American Made

BC Rich Bich

BC Rich Bich

Natural Koa BC Rich Bich Core

BC Rich Bich

Natural Maple Bich 10 Strings

At Ed Roman's Guitars,  I generally have a minimum of 6 Natural Color Maple Bich 10 Strings at any given time.  This is by far the most desirable and asked for model.

It is impossible to photograph all of them.  In the case of the more expensive ones I will make photos available on the web.

Please contact me if you want to purchase one of these beauties. 

Prices Vary from $1,500.00 to $3,300.00 depending on Condition, Amount of Quilt, Age, Rarity etc etc.

I am generally competitive based on Delivery Times etc etc.

BC Rich Bich

BC Rich Bich Built By Ed Roman's Custom Shop  2005


Full Active Electronics Systems Overview: Due to dimensional constraints,

full active is only available in Bich models.

BC Rich Bich
1. Master Volume
2. Rhythm Pickup Volume
3. Pre-amp #1 Volume
3a Pre-amp #1 On/Off
4. Pre-amp #2 Volume
4a Pre-amp #2 On/Off
5. Phase Switch
6. Pickup Selector
7. Six Position Varitone
8. Dual Sound Rhythm Pickup
9. Dual Sound Lead Pickup
10. Master Tone


When all switches are off the guitar is in passive mode. At this time both pickups are controlled by the master volume. Both pick-ups are activated by pick up selector switch #2. The tonalities of both pickups in passive mode are controlled by pot #8 Master Tone.


Click on switch #3a (preamp On/Off) and get an instant 10 db boost from the gate. At this point the pick-ups are now controlled by the pick-up volume control #3 while the master tone #8 still controls the tonality of both pick-ups.

With both pick-ups on, phase switch #5 in the up position will produce an out of phase sound, (a tone resembling a half cocked wah sound).

To coil tap the lead pickup flick upward dual sound switch #7. This converts the pick-up into a single coil sound by separating the pick-up into one coil. Dual sound switch #6 performs the same task for the rhythm pick-up.

As you rotate the six-position varitone #4 clockwise, each position produces a distinct sound based on whichever capacitor is in operation. You will also notice a slight decrease in gain but the pre amp volume can compensate the drop and then some. It is only as limited as your imagination.

All these switches can be use to your liking & when you find a particular sound you like, make note of the setting for future reference. The B.C. Rich Active Electronics produces a spectrum of 154 distinct sounds. If you really want to get really funky with all switches on as described rotate master tone #8 counter clockwise. If you are a traditional blues player you will find sounds you never knew existed.

Note that all pickups function while in passive as well as active mode. The battery can easily be changed by carefully removing the screws for the control cavity plate.

The main difference between the active and full active electronics system is that the full electronics system has two independent preamps as well as two volume switches which can work in unison or individually and can naturally distort the volume even at low settings.

The B.C. Rich Active and Full Active systems offer more sounds than any other onboard electronics.

BC Rich Bich

Not everyone likes all those switches & gizmos, In fact every single real pro we have built for prefers a minimalist approach to the electronics.

When you are on stage and under pressure, the last thing you want to deal with is a complex array of switches.
 No sensible player wants to try and commit to memory the desired tone.
This very simple system above was done in Ed Roman's custom shop for a working professional.
He obviously did not want to deal with all of minor variations of tone.

This Custom Designed System will deliver 95% of the tone that the original complicated system offers.