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The B.C Rich Beast was designed by Brian Hoffman of Deicide.
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B.C Rich Beast

The Beast Guitar is one of BC Rich's most radical models ever.
They aren't real easy to play because the reach is somewhat restricted due to all the points.
But they are very cool looking.  Of course looks are the most important thing anyway.

B.C Rich Beast

Beast Body Cores

Group of BC Rich Beast Guitars

B.C Rich BeastB.C Rich Beast
B.C Rich Beast

An Al Bundy Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the house, No food was a-stirrin', Not even a mouse.
Stockings were hung round Dad's neck like a tie, Along with a note that said, "Presents or die."
Children were plotting All night in their beds, While the wife's constant whining Was splitting his head.
But daddy had money This year in the bank, Then they closed up early,  And now dad's in the tank.
All of a sudden,  Santa appeared, A sneer on his face, Booze in his beard.
"Santa," I said, As he laughed merrily, "You do so much for others, Do something for me."
"Bundy," he said, "You only sell shoes, Your son is a sneak thief, Your daughter's a flooze."
"Ho ho," Santa said, "Should I mention your wife? Her hair's like an A-bomb, Her nails like a knife."
 He climbs up the chimney, That fat piece of dung,  He mooned me two times,  He stuck out his tongue.
I heard him exclaim, As he broke wind with glee, "You're married with children, You'll never be free."

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