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 Buyer Beware There Are Several Companies Calling Themselves Baker Guitars.
If you are looking at a Baker Guitar And The Price Seems Too Low
Please Contact Us We Will Tell You How To Differentiate The Neck Through USA Models
From The High Quality Lower Cost Ones & The Illegal Copies Coming From China


Hi Ed
My name is Frankie McGovern [I am from Glasgow in Scotland, I had decided that it was time to buy a top flight guitar again ,so I had my eyes drawn to the PRS line up and falling for the hype and seeing all that beautiful workmanship and lovely wood and thinking that this is as good as they get,

One day while trawling the web I simply searched on the word guitar and found myself on your web site not thinking much about getting one of your guitars but more for the writing and the cool web site and after not to long I found myself on harmony central to, now I have no axe to grind and would be sitting on the fence now if it were not for my herrm eeeh sorry, anyway point being after digesting what you had to say on the subject of building guitars I thought you sounded like you knew what you were about, so I decided and very unlike me it was too to buy one of your B1 Bushwhackers without even so much as touching one let alone trying it,

I found a lovely blue one on ebay from a guy in Miami, he said it was ex display only and was in to good a condition for me to disagree so I imported it in to bonny Scotland, well what can I say, I am totally gob smacked it turns out to be not only better than the PRS I was thinking of getting but way less beer vouchers too, one of my better decisions me thinks most definitely ,the grain on the ebony fingerboard is so tight that I was beginning to think it was some new material like the ESP and the maple top could well be a custom job and would be if it was a PRS with price to match anyway the point of the message they say something about the proof of the pudding well then if thats so then YOU WHERE RIGHT MATE, all the best tay you n' yours as we say in Scotland.
Frankie McGovern

I was sorry not to get the instrument direct from you but I was looking after the pennies the ebay auction save me a good bit but when I have the pennies for a Quicksilver you will be first to know,,,,,


Hello Frank

The ones coming out of Miami are the Korean imports only,
He's actually not supposed to sell them on Ebay we don't allow that.

He got around our rules by calling the guitar used.

The guitar was new but no warranty because he sold it to you as used.

My low cost Korean models compete easily with the USA PRS guitars. 

You should see the USA ones they start at $1,395.00  (Much Nicer)

The Quicksilver is on a whole different planet.  PRS could not ever hope to seriously compete with the Quicksilver.

They are a huge company with huge overhead, We are a small company with almost no overhead.

That is why our prices are so low !!   I'm glad you liked the guitar we have sold over 10.000 of them at this time and we only have had one guy unhappy  (He was only unhappy because someone told him untrue things about the guitar)


Beautiful Tops, Gold Hardware, 24 Nickel Silver Frets, Ebony Fingerboard, Grover Tuners