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Here it is 2010 and I'm finally getting aboard the Ebay Train.  Don't think for one minute that I wanted to do it (They dragged me in kicking and screaming) For a mailorder company like me, I hate to say it but Ebay is a very necessary evil !!!!!

In the early days I exposed many of the Ebay scams. I even had a huge page on the site entitled Ebay Nightmares. The page got so big it could easily have been a whole website itself.

When I sold my company for a short time in 2007 the owners were Ebay people, They were a bunch of typical stereotype car dealer hucksters who did nothing to help my reputation.  I made the crucial mistake of selling them my name. Buying it back was a financial disaster but I could not let them continue to do what they were doing using my name.

Ebay serves as a form of free advertising that many of my competitors are taking advantage of. I'm not talking about the ads themselves because they certainly are not free.  Ebay is very expensive like all other corporate products. Getting Exposure on the web is hard especially when I refuse to spend much money on advertising. In fact I have not run any paid advertisements anywhere that I can think of in 5 years. 

We are launching our new lower cost Abstract models in April of 2010, We may break down and spend some money advertising but I really don't want too. I am not liked by many of the forums and magazines because I have told them repeatedly I will not advertise with them. Some of them have actually told me they would not review our guitars because we don't advertise.  I refuse to play their little games,  I have decided to use Ebay for the advertising exposure, If I sell off a few more guitars great but the original reason for us finally breaking down and doing Ebay is for the advertising.

Ebay is supposed to be spelled eBay I spell it Ebay and I will continue to spell it that way. Why because I am still rejecting the whole thing in my conscience. If I ever change my mind I will change the spelling but for now I say Ebay.

Ed Roman has never been a fan of Ebay, Right from the beginning I recognized that it would wreak havoc on the collector market everywhere. Part of the fun for collectors is hunting down what they want and then having something special & unique.  Flying around the country and going to shows, pawnshops, different stores and seeing interesting places is far more rewarding mentally than sitting in your bedroom till 2:00 AM in the morning waiting for an auction to close.

Today the stores even the pawnshops rarely if ever have anything good, I pass them by all the time now because I rarely if ever can find anything decent to buy. If you have something unique, higher quality and interesting please give me a call I will pay top dollar for unique boutique guitars.


Objects' D Art Baseball Cards Photographs Knives Cars
Stamps Magazines Records Coins Books
Figurines Vintage Guitars Matchbooks Sports Items Toys
T Shirts Mugs Plates     Key Chains License Plates
Dolls Dinky Toys Pens Watches Motorcycles
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Ebay Has Turned A Cool Hobby Into Something Corporate

Today the biggest collector item in the USA is the one thing ebay does not allow Guns & Firearms
These items contribute billions of dollars to our legitimate economy every year


Ebay has contributed hugely to the economic downfall of the United States.  Ebay has caused many guitar collectors to lose the investment potential in their guitars.  Ebay takes something special & rare and makes it common and easy to find. This may be a good thing for the person who finally was able to find the item on Ebay.  Eventually however the guitar becomes worth even less instead of gaining in value.
There is a huge preponderance of stolen guitars and recording gear. It is probably the biggest fence for stolen items in the world.
Imagine if you were an investor and you bought 10 guitars that you intended to sell at a profit. With ebay as your competition you would probably lose your investment because someone would probably be dumping one on ebay. This makes it hard to invest your money in the first place. 



Here Are Our 2010 Ebay Terms

They Are Not Totally Up Yet But We Are Working On Them Now

We wish you would contact us directly and not use Ebay but if you do decide to use Ebay the below terms apply. We will always do what we can to make you happy unless you become belligerent or act like an idiot then we will simply hang up on you. 

Ebay is a service that costs a lot to use, not just money but more important it takes time to put together these ads. For this reason we do not accept returns or give cash refunds on ebay purchases.

Our price guarantee is null & void on Ebay purchases, simply because you might bid yourself higher than what we normally sell it for.

Items we put on Ebay are general products from our inventory and many of them that are brand new will have a full warranty with them.  We may use the term  " pre-owned by non player"   that means you are buying something brand new with a full warranty.

Sometimes we will put items on Ebay that we would not sell to our normal customers, We do this to get rid of crap & untested items etc etc. If we know the product is defective we will not put it for sale until it has been repaired. There is no way to know if a neck is good unless you put it on a guitar, We sell over 10 used necks a week and luckily 99% of them are fine because we get almost no one trying to return them.

If a guitar or a neck does not have strings on it there is no straight edge to use as a guide therefore we cannot tell if it is good or bad. You always buy these type of products with a slight risk and it's no different here.













I Hate All Large Corporations

Large Corporations Have Destroyed The America That I Used To Know & Love.


The USA is still my favorite place on earth to live but It's not as great as it once was. Can you remember when Route 66 was still part of Americana, the coolest place to go shopping & dining.  Excellent little specialty restaurants owned and operated by enterprising individuals who did their best to be unique. Today it is a road strewn with Wal Marts, Burger Kings, Del Tacos, and a plethora of other slimy corporate stores selling the same merchandise to the hordes of people who have allowed these slimeballs to brainwash them into a lemming-like white bread consuming existence of utter comatose mindlessness.

Can you remember when there were small specialty stores where the owner would be there to explain the difference between product "A" & product "B" Today there is some brainwashed kid who watched too much Beavis & Butthead and thinks the consumer should be treated like they don't have a right to know what they are buying.

The small store of yesteryear would buy their wares directly from the manufacturer, then sell them for cash or check to the consumer with a fair markup remember when buying something was a pleasure.

Buying something today is an adventure in foolhardiness, many brand name products are marked up over 1000 percent to pay for all the corporate baggage they support.

The corporation is a money hungry entity that will figure out a way to charge you for their research dollars spent trying to make the actual product cheaper. The advertising cost can be as much as 30% of the price you pay the shipping cost from overseas can be as much as 20% of the price you pay  there are exporters taking 4% there are importers taking 5% bonded warehouses taking 4%, The Federal Government Gets 8% The State and local Government get as much as an additional 10% distributors taking up to 15% Dealers taking 20% Credit card companies, Paypal etc taking 4% Salesmen getting 7% commissions It's no wonder how the actual cost of the product can only be 5% It's no wonder that everything you buy today is crap and getting worse by the minute.

If you thought Guitar Center was bad just wait and see what Best Buy does for the guitar business. Except for very few stores left the guitar business is going backwards every day

Be extra careful of those old line brand names that were so excellent & reliable in the old days. Today it's even hard for me to trust high end brand names like Swarovski, Zeiss, Nikon, Hasselblad, Weatherby, Colt, Winchester, Harley Davidson, Rolls Royce, Leupold, Rolex, Patek Philippe etc etc

For example I guess you could trust a Patek Philippe wrist watch after all the new Sky Moon Tourbillion model can cost almost two million dollars, That is just plain ridiculous, I would think a fair price for that watch should be about $16,000.00 I might even buy one if it were around $9,000.00.