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The Easiest Cheapest Way To Pay

If you are fortunate enough to have a US Bank in your city we recommend that you simply deposit a check into our account !!!  They have branches in many major cities.
There are Bank Of America Branches everywhere in all 50 States so between both of these banks it should be easy to pay us for your guitar.

Bank: US BANK         Account Number:  1537-5447-5397 Deposits & Wire Transfers
First Choice Would Always Be US BANK !!!!

Bank:  Bank Of America    Account Number: 5010-1159-3979  Direct Deposits Only
Second Choice Would Always Be Bank Of America !!!!

Both Of These Above Accounts Are Only Transfer Lockbox Accounts.

They Cannot Be Debited Only Credited.  

"In my 40 plus years of being in business,  I have never been treated as well & efficiently by any major bank as US Bank. I have been with them for more than six years. I fully endorse them as a great bank to do business with !!! 
Ed Roman

Credit card companies are charging unbelievable fees to process your payments.  It was becoming common to write them a check for more than $3,000.00 a month  by doing this type of payment you are saving the fees imposed by us on any credit card transaction