BC Rich Eagle Supreme Guitar


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BC Rich Fans  (Know This)

Today BC Rich no longer lists their high end handmade guitars on their website.
Most of their real high end guitars sell for $5,000.00 To 7,500.00
Do not presume that the most expensive ones posted on the site are actually handmade !!
I wonder why they no longer even post a pricelist on their top of the line models?
Could it be that they want the customers to assume something that is actually false?
This new policy makes a dealer who carries the real BC Rich product appear to be expensive
There are less than 3 dealers in the USA who even carry the high end ones.
BC Rich builds less than 300 High end ones yearly some years it has been less than 200 worldwide!!

Number 297 Fingerboard Ebony
Brand BC Rich Frets 24
Model Eagle Supreme Hardware Chrome
Neck Construction Neck Thru Body Wings Koa
Condition New Bridge Tone Pros
Color Natural Neck Maple
Case Available Pickups Seymour Duncan
SKU 1G Tuners Grover Imperial
Extras MOP Cloud Inlays, Full Electronics Extras Tone Pros Bridge And Tail Piece
Notes SOLD