Lacewood, Silky Oak


It is a nice wood for Laminate Bodies, with good figure. Not particularly good sounding.

From Australia: This can be had as a book-matched top, or solid body. The size of the spots range from very small to very large, creating a very striking, reptilian appearance. [As body material.] Its color is pink to reddish brown, and is highly figured with a distinct small lacelike pattern. The wood is lustrous and has good polishing properties.

Uses include cabinetmaking, fixtures, moldings, parquet flooring, baskets, casks, drum sticks, fine furniture, organ pipes, pianos, sounding boards, xylophones.

Specific Gravity is .53 (medium density). Turns easily, but crumbling caused by the figure is often reported. Care is required to achieve a smooth surface.

Above is a Quicksilver Guitarin Lacewood

Lacewood comes from Australia and is also sometimes called Silky Oak. Lacewood is relatively inexpensive and it looks good from any angle. It sounds reasonably Okay also. I don't like it much for Bass but it's fine on electric archtop guitars. PRS did a run of Lacewood tops in 1991. I no longer recommend it but some people order it anyway.

Later Model Quicksilver In Lacewood