Elm Carpathian Burl

Ulmus carpinifolia, U. glabra

Carpathian Burl from Myanmar (Burma). Very rare wood usually extremely expensive and mostly sold in veneers. These however are chatoyant grain natural color solid wood. Burmese farmers and laborers dig up old stumps from rice paddies as well as clear cut forested areas by hand. They wash and cull the dirt, rocks and outer bark.  Ed Roman Guitars  Exotic Wood

This wood was collected in 2003 and is very scarce due to the political climate of communist Myanmar, whose controlling war lords know as "The Red Wat" only export heroin and annually have a gem auction.

This wood comes from the roots that have a cherry color. The trunk wood however is blonde and some guitars that are made from the junction wood will have specks or grain of blonde wood. These are not defects but merely the character of the wood. Most are all cherry color. Please state your preference when ordering.

Origin/Source Central Europe

Carpathian Burl Rosette