Che Chin

Also Known As Caribbean Rosewood

Ed Roman Offers Full Financing Anywhere In The USA

James Hetfield

Replicas of this Custom Made, Che Chin,  Wanderer guitar are available
Prices starting at $3,995.00

THIS IS NOT AN ESP ...  Call Ed Roman at The Custom Shop (702) 597-0147

Ed Roman  has adopted the new standardization in wood pricing.  The cost of wood fluctuates  by the time of year, by the season and especially by the quality of each piece. The new standard is simply price each piece by the relative cost of each piece. If after finishing the piece doesn't turn out magnificently then discount it appropriately. Prices Start As Low As 150.00 And Go As High As 1000.00  For A Spectacular Specimen.

Ed Roman subscribes to this pricing policy, because it is the fairest way to set prices.