Bajoran Palisander

Suitable For Building Fine Fingerboards

Last winter Rick Gledura visited "Deep Space Nine",  He had the occasion to beam down to the planet Bajor. While on Bajor he found some of the most outrageous woods I have ever seen. Some of the indigenous trees had sustained Cardascian phaser blasts. These trees  were affected quite strangely. Rick was only able to smuggle out a very limited amount of these incredible woods.

The Bajoran's are very testy about the Cardascian war crimes and atrocities, so they are not likely to let evidence like this leave their planet.

This wood was an open grained Palisander before the intense searing phaser blasts
Now it behaves like Gaboon Ebony and the grain is extremely tight
The swirly pattern in the original open grain wood is still apparent
The beauty is still there and the performance is now incredible.

Assorted Blank Fingerboard Woods

I have Solid Brazilian Rosewood Neck Blanks for $200.00 just like PRS used on their $9,000.00 Rosewood Ltd. Model  (I buy them from the same supplier that PRS buys from) I also have solid African Rosewood necks available.