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Rick Gledura Pegasus
Blue Quilt Model

PRS Guitars At Ed Roman Guitars


 Ed Roman's Las Vegas Shop Usually carries in stock over 100 PRS Guitars

PRS guitars are considered by many people to be the best guitars in the world.  Sadly most of these people are uninformed and simply don't know about the huge selection of incredible brands that Ed Roman carries.  Ed Roman gets more high end PRS guitars traded in than any other store. The main reason for this is most stores only go as high as PRS.    Check out Centurion, Quicksilver, JET, Gledura, Jaros, Viking, Turner, Alembic and lots of other small boutique builders.

Refinished &Retopped in Ed Roman's Custom Shop in 1991
This BC Rich Mockingbird is the very first BC Rich Archtop known to exist

Jaros Guitars
Excellent Hand built Guitars

Ed Roman Pearlcaster Ash Body

Pearlcaster Body

(Ed Roman Pearlcaster with no pickguard is known as the Scepter Model)


Ed Roman Pearlcaster Come In every Imaginable Color

Dean Hardtail  Ed Roman Has Em'