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Several Blue Kramer Pacers
Ed Roman has over 150 Kramer Guitars in stock.

The Kramer Stagemaster Archtop had it all:  Arched Top, Neck-Through Body Construction, Bound Fingerboard and Headstock, Real Floyd, Duncan Pickups, Ebony Fingerboard, Nice Inlays, and paint the most beautiful shade of Royal Blue I have ever seen.

Kramer got into financial trouble in the late 80's.   They fell so far behind in their advertising debt to the major guitar magazines that the magazines wrote the bills off and allowed several Kramer critics to denigrate the line.  Of course all the kids believed the magazines.  (Why would they lie?)  The value of Kramer and their credibility was lost.  Too bad because they were and still are great guitars.  Except, of course, for the crap that was made in Korea and Japan at the end.

More recently, Gibson owned, Music Yo, perpetrated another rape of the market with their cheap imported Korean copies of the Kramer.   Buyer Beware Of Large Corporate Guitar Companies !!!!!

Full On Custom Restoration
Ed Roman's Custom Shop 2008

Ed Roman carries over 100 different brands of bass guitars.
This one is a Greg Curbow.

Custom Paint Job

Blueburst Quilt
Made from 100% solid Maple & Mahogany,
These are NOT laminated Plywood like all Gibson 335's


This is a rare Music Man.  Most of them were not this nice.  This shade of royal blue is really beautiful.
 Music Man, like Kramer, has also fallen out of favor because their major FPE (Famous Pro Endorser) Eddie Van Halen jumped ship and went to Peavey.
Hey, wait a minute, I spoke too soon,  Nowadays he is with Charvel.

 Rare oh so very Rare
This Steinberger GL Series is the only blue one we have ever seen.

Ed Roman has over 300 Original Steinberger guitars in stock.
Ed Roman is the only shop in the world where you can actually buy original Steinberger parts.


The Ibanez Donny Hunt Blue Faces model Joe Satriani Guitar
Even Rarer than the Chromeboy, and sounds better too.
 Original Hand Signed Model owned by Joe Satriani $45,000.00 
Ibanez Original JS1000 Model Donny Hunt Paintjob

 Ibanez Satriani Models with custom shop replicated Donny Hunt paint jobs sell for as low $4,900.00 
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Rarest of all the Petrucci models The Blue Flametop 90th Anniversary
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