Blue Guitars, Blue Colored Guitars

Neck-Thru Custom Telecaster Built For Joe Perry

BC Rich Bich Model 10 String Guitar

BC Rich Eagle Guitar

Quilted Blue BC Rich Bich

(This guitar was refinished in my shop.)

JET Guitars Dean Guitars

Ibanez Burnt Stain Blue

Kramer Guitars BC Rich Mockingbird

Colette With Leslie West's Custom EB-1
Built in Ed Roman's Custom Shop.


Early J Frog Wonder Woman Guitar

Dean Opaque Blueburst Dean Translucent Blue Flametop

Owner Nelson Ferrer brought this Les Paul it to me.  He requested a quilted maple top and a blue translucent color.

The Rarest of All Ibanez's Jems-- "The Blue Floral"

Kramer Voyager As Radical and Pointy as Possible
Ed Roman Specializes in these 80's Crazy Models
Always Buying Selling Original USA Kramers  
This Guitar is now available in a neck through body model
  (Call Us For Info:  (702) 597-0147)